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Opinions of Friday, 21 October 2016

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles

Rawlings has lost moral honour to campaign

The revelation that he received a bribe of $5 million from late Nigerian President Abacha has devastated JJ Rawlings and his NDC. Rawlings, saying he received $2m is funny and has not helped his case.

At first, he pretended that it was nothing and brushed it aside but events have proved that Rawlings is now a confused psychological wreck having been exposed for consigning his cherished 'probity and accountability ' to the stinking gutter to feed cockroaches and ants.

Enter, Asiedu 'Fur Coat ' Nketsia- ( tell him winter is approaching) -to attempt to explain away Rawlings no-campaign-show to senility . But Ghanaians are aware that the rabble rousing 'fur coatman' rather was acting a hypocrite and a grand deceiver of the people by that pronouncement.

Who does not know the truth that Rawlings with that confession or revelation, has lost the moral courage and honour to address a campaign rally? Of course he has stripped himself of his own badge of integrity which he has falsely decorated himself in Ghanaian political space since 1979. The Fur Coat man can only deceive rats and monkees with his rantings..

Birds are singing loudly that Rawlings has been an impostor all along. He is in eternal shame and prefers to hide his stinking face on the quite, a wreck in eternal shame.

Discerning Ghanaians regret that his executive bribery misdeeds also extended to his NDC successors. Firstly, to late President Atta Mills who received housing bribe from REGIMANUEL and attempted to regularize it by a forged letter written on a Saturday, when he was out of jurisdiction.

Secondly, to childish President John Mahama, who received a Ford Expedition SUV bribe from Djibril Kanazoe, a Burkinabe crookish contractor. Mahama similarly made a poor attempt at regularization by cowing frightened DVLA officials to forge documents to cover the sinful and criminal stratagem.

The NDC executive bribery is calculated and it is clearly from generation to generation. Ghanaians have started singing the requiem mass for the NDC muntu banza triumvirate; Atta Mills is already gone. JJ Rawlings and John Mahama are destined heading into sunset and into oblivion, come December 7.

Charles Agbenu.