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Opinions of Thursday, 22 April 2010

Columnist: Issau, Abdul

Rawlings and the NDC planned to harm many Ghanaians if

they lost in 2008

After careful analysis, I have arrived at the conviction that the NDC planned on destroying Ghana had they lost the 2008 elections. I am of the opinion that we as a nation cannot move forward and, simply pretend that 2008 did not happen as it did.

In 2008 the NDC as a party was willing to die and, kill numerous Ghanaians to win power. Absurd, you may say but, the evidence is there for all to see. Simply watch this video:

Rawlings in the video clearly said that “freedom can sometimes come at a cost; Justice will come at a cost.” What precisely did he mean by that? Were the NDC slaves under the NPP government? What cost was he referring to?

It is only just and, fair to assume that Rawlings and the NDC were planning to turn Ghana into a war torn country had they lost the 2008 elections. They were armed and, if the election results were announced in favor of the NPP it must be assumed that they, the NDC that is, were willing to use unconventional means to achieve “justice” at whatever “cost”, the “cost” being violence.

What is most dismaying to those of us who observe Ghanaian politics is the way the NDC has governed after coming to “power”. For a party that wanted justice at any cost, it is shocking, even dismaying that they have governed like incumbents without the urgency they had in 2008! If the NDC showed even half of the spirit of 2008 in the governance of this country the water problem would have been solved by now, the electricity problem would be solved by now, and Ghana would be doing much better than it currently is. What is apparent is that the NDC was not hungry to come bring positive change to Ghana! On the contrary, they were jealous of the NPP! They, the NDC that is, were angry to be driving cars made in the 1990’s and, wanted to drive 2008 model cars and, live in luxurious homes paid for by the poor tax payers. The analysis above may seem like propaganda but, the NDC since coming to power has not delivered to the numerous Ghanaians who are marginalized in utter poverty and misery. In 2010 there are still people who drink water from dirty streams, there are still children who don’t have access to good schools, thus, were is the “freedom” and “justice” for these poor people? Where is the vigor of the people who were willing to protect ballot boxes with their precious life? Life is precious and transient thus, anyone willing to die for something must surely strongly believe in it! If the NDC were willing to die to come to power then, why have they not been willing to “die” to develop Ghana?

The answer is simply that the NDC does not care. The NPP cannot be said to have been better, in fact, the NPP were willing to live in luxury and, in excess. The party was flashy in the midst of poverty. What can be positively said about the NPP is the fact that even though they were out of touch with the common man, they did more for common Ghanaians than the NDC has, and, seems on pace to do at their current pace. On the streets Atta Mills is called “Atta go slow” but, he is not simply slow. Being slow involves heading in the right direction but, I have not seen anything that suggests we are moving in any direction. It is time for Ghanaians to demand that the NDC govern with the vigor they had when they tried to win power. Likewise, it is time for Ghanaians to demand an investigation into the precise activities of the NDC and, precisely what they planned for Ghanaians had they lost.

Abdul Issau