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Rawlings SHUT UP and suffer with the rest of us
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Opinions of Thursday, 10 June 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Rawlings SHUT UP and suffer with the rest of us

Former dictator, Jerry John Rawlings has been talking ad infinitum as if there is nothing in between his two ears. Lately, he has been insulting Dr. Atta Mills for his style of governance and, how things are going in the country. Well, I have news for you JJ, YOU CREATED ATTA MILLS. In the same way that Dr. Frankenstein created a monster, Atta Mills is your Monster (Note, this is an analogy and, I am not in anyway insinuating that our President is a Monster, though some may feel that way because of his actions) .

When JJ Rawlings was looking for a successor to run Ghana he looked around and, realized that there was only ONE man in Ghana who could potentially win an Election Atta Mills. He realized that he, JJ, could use demographics and, other political tools to get around 45 percent of the vote but, in order to win elections he would need someone who could actively win some of the votes of the Ethnic Akan people on the coast who call themselves Fantes. Thus, he chose a professor by the name of Dr. Atta Mills.

After 2 failed attempts Dr. Mills finally managed to get Rawlings dream to come to fruition and, Dr. Atta Mills was elected president. In getting elected president, Rawlings expected Dr. Mills to simply “chimp” around and, allow him to indirectly run the country. Sadly for JJ, he has now come to realize that Atta Mills is not who he thought he was. Namely, Atta Mills is not a poodle but, rather a turtle.

Dr. Atta Mills government is so slow that many people have died waiting for him to move. Namely, the incompetent corrupt administration of Dr. Mills has done so little on Health care, Electricity and, Water that many people have perished in misery. Sadly both Mills and JJ do not care about that. JJ simply wants to jail every former minister and, Mills simply wants to waste Ghanaians time while stealing via his ministers. That is to say, Atta Mills is returning the favor his ministers did in helping him win power by turning a blind eye to the most egregious corruption within his government.

Thus, there you have it JJ. You created Atta Mills and, now he is invincible. You cannot destroy him and, all you are left with is your ever decreasing voice.… You have been rendered a lion with no teeth thus, you bark bark bark but, the only people who listen to you now are flies and other pests. What you created has rendered you voiceless and, you have become irrelevant in Ghana.

Deal with your depression silently because, the noises you are making now are just irritating to the common man who is suffering under this dirty slow administration. Let us suffer in peace and, pray to the good Lord so that we can survive till 2012 to vote this corrupt dirty administration out of power. That is to say, let us survive the “Monster’ you created in peace without having to hear you criticize Atta Mills as if you did not create him.

The misery we are living in now is the direct result of your actions. Thus, stop trying to play both sides of the fence in the name of populism. Be a man and, learn to be quite.

Penname: Transient Justice