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Opinions of Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Awuah Boadu

Rawlings Must Shut up or Put up Good Behavior.

For thirty-two years, Rawlings has shown disrespect and disdain to everybody. He finds fault with everybody except himself and probably his wife. I believe wisdom acquired by hindsight; introspection and age should have influenced him. In fact, Rawlings has no sense of guilty. A recent research in Harvard Business Review is revealing in understanding Rawlings’ poor performance and leadership over the years. It reveals a link between guilt, leadership and performance. People who are prone to guilt tend to work harder and perform better than people who are not guilt-prone, and are perceived to be more capable leaders. The finding is stunning as more guilt equalled commitment. It concludes that guilt-prone people are hardworking and high performers who believe in the organisation and see the big picture.

When we take into account Rawlings’ sense of guilt and performance on Ghana's political leadership over the last three decades, the research provides some understanding. I commend Ghanaians for their patience and tolerance in putting up with such character over the years. Rawlings has never taken responsibility but only point accusing finger. He has never apologised, felt remorse or sorry for anything and yet sees fault with everybody.

I believe majority of Ghanaians take exception to his continuous insults and disrespect towards President Kufuor, the NPP and the intelligence of the Ghanaian. Indeed, the dignified manner President Kufuor has carried himself over the years has exposed Rawlings as an empty cannon. Rawlings is envious and jealous of President Kufuor’s legacy and seeks to drag him along his journey of infamy and scorn but with no success.

Rawlings still has the gut to speak about corruption, greediness and selfishness. Rawlings has been in self-denial far too long and it is about time he owned up. Now is his moment of truth. He should own up to the responsibility of subverting the principles of probity and accountability which culminated in the execution of the Army Generals in 1979. If Rawlings has any sense of guilty and responsibility he would go into sober reflections on every June 4 to take stock of his actions on 31st December 1981 and over the years. I believe the day of reckoning is fast catching up with him. I challenge Rawlings to come clear or shut up. The Mills-Mahama administration has employed every tactic under the sun to persecute the NPP but to no avail because they are chasing a smoke screen. Rawlings and the NDC have persecuted and sentence the NPP in their propaganda courts which has no relevance in a civilised Ghana. Rawlings should have the courage to face the numerous moments of truth that stare him in bewilderment and frustration. I believe one day he will live up to the standard he had held others in condemnation in the last 32 years. It's interesting he acknowledges he failed to identify intelligent and smart guys to take the reins of government from him, yet he shifts responsibility. If Rawlings is as frustrated in the Mills-Mahama government as the Ghanaian masses are, then he should own up and render unqualified apology for anointing Mills to succeed him. Indeed, patience is a virtue. Ghanaians have patiently tolerated Rawlings sow seeds of indiscipline, discord, hatred, ethnic incitement, corruption and finger pointing which have nurtured and festered, sooner, rather than later it will explode to consume him.

Yaw Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo,, Tepa-Ashanti