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Opinions of Thursday, 7 April 2011

Columnist: Asare, Noah

Rawlings Lies Again To Continue His Blame Game

I have always listened to Former President Rawlings talk and at the end become more confused on issues than I had been before on the same issue.

One mark of sincere men that I know is that when they make mistakes they are bold to stand and request for a paddon for the blunder. As justice as the former presodent has claimed to be there nothing that he did in his past that he will never defend even when its so plain that it was wrong. Maybe am wrong but personally I have never seen the former president concede any wrongdoing before.

When the serial killings of women occurred in hiw watch he publicly claimed that the main opposition at the time, NPP was responsible. He said the carried out those murders under his watch to discredit his gocernment and to paint his party black in the eyes of the Ghanaian electorate.

When the crime wave increased especially roberry in the era of President Mills the former president again blamed it on the NPP. The reasons he said was to discredit his party which is now in power.

From these Former President Rawlings was claiming that serious crimes of these nature were the works of the NPP to discredit their main rival the NDC.

From this claims of the ex-president the NPP will like crimes to be committed in the era of the NDC so that they will be discredited.

I was surprise therefore when the former presidemt will still claim that the NPP still master minded the killing of the Ya Naa when they were the ones in power. Any reasonable person will find it very difficult to join the lines that the Ex-president Rawlings is drawing.

What it brought to my mind was that the ex president is not being sincere to us. Again the ex-president has from day 1 claimed that he knew the killers of the Great king and yet has refused to help to unravel this ugly crime.

All I wish Mr Rawlings did is for him to tell us what he knows or stop exposing himself. All it sounded to me is the ex-president was not in Tamale because of the Ya Naa's ruling in the interest of the people of Dagbon but to paint the Mills led administration more ugly in the eyes of the grieved Andani Youth. He was there to capitalise on the happenings to tell them to ignore Mills and his Administration in the upcoming congress.

I will like to rest my case here with this question, does the former president give anybinformation on the killing of the 3 judges? Who killed Evg. Amoako.

Sincerety and Power. I will choose sincerety because sincerety will give me power and make me very powerful.