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Opinions of Thursday, 14 January 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

Rawlings: Ghanaians Are Cowards

We Ghanaians are known for our peaceful nature. However, I feel that we have somehow taken our love for peace to the very extreme. We love peace so much so that it has make cowards out of us. I was reading an old conducted interview with Mr Rawlings, in which he candidly confessed that the numerous staged coup d'etats in Ghana wouldn't have been necessary-had the people had the guts to demonstrate. Indeed, Mr Rawlings spoke the truth. See, we Ghanaians are all words and no action. We have had governments in the past, which were unaccountable to the people. Simple because; the people were not brave enough to stand up, and demand accountability from their very own government. Mr Rawlings ruled Ghana for some nineteen odd years. During this reign, Ghanaians were deprived of any participation in the country's affairs. You had the military dictating to the citizenry where they should sit, stand or even take a piss.

Also, the military took over the management of our economy. Now, could you imagine a bunch of soldiers giving orders to our educated accountants, economists and entrepreneurs on how things ought to be done? No wonder that our nation's economy deteriorated for the worse. Inflation was on the rise, and the people of Ghana were feeling the heat. Ghanaians could have gone on the streets, and demanded in protest a better living conditions for themselves, but no. Those who could afford a ticket out of the country left Ghana for Rawlings and his cohorts. Those who stayed behind made up their minds that they wouldn't demonstrate for anything. They would rather suffer in silence than go on the streets, and tell Rawlings and his cohorts what's up. Of course, such cowardliness meant that Rawlings, and his cohorts could act as they please without anybody giving them a hard time.

Indeed, the price that we pay for being silent, when we ought to act decisively could be very dear. There is no way Rawlings could have ruled Ghana for nineteen years-had we demanded multipartyism right after the 1981 coup d'etat. However, it didn't happen because of fear. Ghanaians were willing to live with nothing than to die for something. Fast forward to the present, and we Ghanaians are once again demonstrating our cowardly nature. Former president Kufour, and his spatch cocks in black face crooks took our country to the cleaners. For eight long years, the country's financial welfare was mismanaged to the detriment of our nation. Thieves in expensive suits with false university degrees were parading around as NPP ministers. Politicians were playing polytricks with the ignorant masses. Accountability was shelved for thievery to prevail.

They say that a nation chooses its leader according to its nature. I have every reason to believe that this expression could be true. Atta Mills has been in the presidential office for about a year now. However, the crooks, which he promised to bring to justice are still roaming about freely. It seems to me that Atta Mills is afraid, unwilling or is just being a coward. Former president Kufour has yet to be brought to justice. Mr Rawlings has cautioned Atta Mills that refusal to prosecute Kufour wouldn't go well with the people of Ghana, who are utterly convinced of Kufour's guilt. Mr Rawlings went on to say that Atta Mills shouldn't drag his feet any longer. Ghanaians may be cowards, but Atta mills must display true leadership worthy of praise by doing the right thing.