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Opinions of Sunday, 6 June 2010

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

Rawlings Diarrhea Of The Mouth Persists; Dr. Kwadwo Poku On Call

When I read Rawlings' comments on the restoration of justice, at first blush I thought I was dreaming, so quickly I turned the PC off and rushed to the bathroom to wash my face. After a couple of hours I returned to the PC only to find out that Rawlings foot in mouth disease had resurfaced, and as a result his diarrhea of the mouth has taken a turn for the worse hence the ablutions of political trash from the unrepentant wastrel. Folks, what baffles me no end is the fact that his devotees absorbs this defecation as manna from heaven and will go to great lengths to watch this mental midget pooh on himself. What a people!

Rawlings, do you know what justice is? Are you a loony or a fool who happens to be stupid? Who are you to lecture on the subject of justice, and on what rectitude do you come up with such fiddle-de-dee. Did the families of those you admitted putting to death although they didn't deserve to die as you said in a BBC interveiw get justice? Did the families of the Judges you mastermind their killings get justice? Did the nation get justice for overthrowing a government elected by the people and rendering a constitution null and void?

Did we get justice for selling a state owned property to Akwele Wang U? What a moron you are. Let me tell you something, Ghana is not a personal property of yours, and if you think you can hide behind a constitution drafted on your lap and continue to make a mockery of our democracy, then you have a chemical imbalance.

Folks the attitude of this menace is symptomatic of a mentally deranged person, so no amount of medications will suffice in constipating this diarrhea of the mouth. And as a doctor it breaks my heart when I can't help a patient, but as I've said before my colleagues and I will continue to use verbal dexterity and writing tablets medications to curtail this foot in mouth disease.

Kwadwo Poku N Y