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Opinions of Thursday, 2 October 2008

Columnist: Adumua, Sam

Rawlings And Politics In Modern Day Ghana

Before I set the ball rolling, I wish to state clearly that I am not writing as a supporter to either of the major political parties but rather a concern citizen of my motherland Ghana.

I must say I admire Rawlings a lot and no one can dispute the fact that he has the charm that can inspire admiration in other people (charisma). This charisma that radiates from Ex President could either be good or very harmful to the body politics and peace in our motherland. We always say Ex President Rawlings restored democracy in Ghana and it is because of him that we are all enjoying the current wave freedom in our part of world. Though I do not entirely believe so, because it is God alone who protects and guide we humans. Yes we may argue that it is God who brought in the Ex President in those trying moments in our political history.

But as we are all aware, the price that both the innocent and the culprit paid for this freedom is nothing good to write home about. Whether is an act of God or not is a food for thought for all and its passed and gone.

As an ex president it behoves on Rawlings to unite the country, give credit where it is due and offer his advise to the existing administration in a manner that would not be misconstrued as being bias or scoring political points for the NDC. This he can do by sitting with the appropriate bodies to see how best to resolve things. For the past weeks I have read and head the ex president making false allegations about the murder of some bank officials by the current administration and also that of the Yaa Na of blessed memory. JJ has taken over the campaign from Atta Mills and Mahama and unlike other ex Presidents like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Mandela who would rather advise and offer suggestion, ex President Rawlings have resorted to campaign of violence, coupled with countless false allegations which he cannot prove in any court of law. As a respectable statesman it is his duty to live above partisan politics and start preaching about how to ensure peaceful election and offer suggestion to all the political parties about how the peace that we are currently enjoying could be sustained. Also if he has any suggestions about the economic situation in the country he should make it known to the economic team of the Government and wait and see what happen next.

What I have gathered from the ex president campaign is about violence, accusations and counter accusation. Why Jerry? Why? The ex President have never in any of his campaign explain to Ghanaians how he is going to help Atta Mills solve the so called problems which existed during his regime and still existing in the current government. The Ex President does not even have any figures on the economy which he could base his campaign on; he has never offer any suggestions which will put the economy in even a better shape. He has never explain to Ghanaian what the alternatives are and how they going to manage the economic and the so called corrupt practices which started in his regime and currently Going on in the present government.

The ex president was there when Kokomba and Nanumba’s were killing themselves, was that also started by NPP activists? We are all aware that there has been problems in the Northern region and the worse thing for an ex president to do is to inflate passion because he want a vote for his party. Ghanaians are no longer interested in those dirty politics. All that we want to hear is a clean and fair election. We want to hear from the various presidential candidates, not ex presidents. All that ex president need to do is to advise the citizens of Ghana to be calm during this campaign season so we would continue to enjoy the peace in this country.

To the NPP government, I would like to say that, you have done your best but your best is still not enough, because Ghanaians are still suffering and the economic situation in the country is not the best. Please stop the campaign of violence. Please warn your supporter to desist from all forms of political violence. What they need from you is to sit them down and tell them how you intend to move the country forward and to stop all forms of corrupt practices in your government. Also we as Ghanaians will be very grateful if you could do well to give the ex president the respect and honour he deserves.

I believe those of us following the US election campaign trail could attest to whatever am saying. Democracy is not about fighting, is about conveying your messages to the good people of Ghana for them to make an informed decision as to whether to vote for you or not. Is not about going back every now and then, and finding faults about your opponents without giving an alternate offer/advise.