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Opinions of Thursday, 26 July 2012

Columnist: Adumua, Sam

Rawlings And Konadu Are You Happy

I was shocked when I received a text message from my brother this afternoon with breaking news of the demise of our late President John Evan Atta Mills. Before I go to town this afternoon on the above issue I will like to take this opportunity to offer my condolence to the first lady and the entire family of John Evans Atta Mills. May his soul rest in the Bosom of the almighty God.

President Mills I believe will be resting in peace whiles he await the heavenly choir to usher him to heaven. From today there will be no more pains, sorrows and trouble from the axis of evil that has been troubling him since he assumed the high office as president of the land. I believe God shall surely wipe away the tear from the heart of those who truly love and care for him.

Rawlings and Konadu I believe you are now happy to see the backside of President Mills. I am very disappointed in Rawlings for allowing a greedy and power drunk wife to create so many exertions for the president and his cohort. You have troubled the poor man from the day he was inaugurated till his death. You both knew very well that this man was acutely ill, yet because of your voracious nature you keep lashing at him everyday till his demise. I hope you are now very content. Ghanaian will never exonerate you and your family and the so called group called FONKA. You are all an ignominy to our dear nation.

I envisage that the death of President Mills will surely bring about the death of NDP. John Mahama should never allow this greedy family and their friends anywhere near the presidency. They should keep them at arm’s length. As for Konadu she will forever rule over Jerry and her house hold and not our dear nation Ghana. The death of President Mills marks the death of the Rawling’s political ambition.

I arrest my case for Ghanaian to judge this greedy family.

President Atta Mill Demerifa Due Demerifa Due.

We the good citizens of Ghana will dearly miss you. Asumjwe Hene rest in Perfect peace till we all meet on the day of resurrection. Your name will forever remain in the hearts of all the good people of Ghana.

Angels of Jesus and angels of love will sing to usher you into heaven President John Evans Atta Mill.

Adumua Sam

Lincolnshire Uk