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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Columnist: Musah Tupare

RE: Wa Central deserves a new sense of direction, Chairman Kamara is no option

I know a host of communicators who detest the shameful conduct of the Constituency Chairman I know a host of communicators who detest the shameful conduct of the Constituency Chairman

My attention has been drawn to a rejoinder supposed to be a response to my original Article of November 15th, 2016 with the above caption.

As hollow and shallow as the rejoinder is, it should ordinarily not receive my response. However, the digressive tangent that the writer(s) took and failed to deal with the substantive issues I raised in my original Article regarding the disgraceful conduct of the Wa Central Constituency Chairman during the election campaign of 2016 has compelled me to respond through this rejoinder.

In the said rejoinder, the writers who describe themselves as Wa Central Communications Team failed woefully to deal with any of the issues I raised about the Chairman’s misconduct. Unfortunately, they resorted to lampooning and impugning the integrity and character of the 2016 Parliamentary candidate, now MCE, Hon Issahaku Tahiru Moomin. This cannot be allowed to fester; the more reason why this response is crucial and needed.

It must be put on record that this joke of rejoinder cannot be coming from a whole communications team in the Wa Central Constituency considering the calibre of fine and level-headed gentlemen who communicate for the party with passion, dedication and selflessness. I know a host of such communicators who detest the shameful conduct of the Constituency Chairman and would not be associated with this decision to respond to my original Article.

In fact, his conduct and character in 2016 is uncharacteristic of a true party member befitting of an executive position, lest a constituency chairman. It, therefore, beats any sense of imagination how such a trash of a rejoinder could be coming from a whole constituency communication team. No wonder the rejoinder is that empty and not fit for purpose. In their haste to do damage-control, reference is continuously being made to the elections of 2012 when my Article was limited to the campaign activities of 2016 where the party in the constituency witnessed a new sense of urgency and renewed energies with everything pointing to a resounding victory for Hon Issahaku Tahiru until the chairman and his clique decided to indulge themselves in the weird and unthinkable tactics of working against the candidate from within our own party. He completely sold out the campaign to the Hon Rashid Pelpuo and the NDC. No matter what efforts Mr Ali Kamara put into the 2012 campaign as captured in their rejoinder, his conduct in 2016 has overturned all of that and he needs no iota of commendation in the face of common sense and logic.

One would have expected any rejoinder worth its sort to offer some answers to the legitimate issues I raised about the conduct of the Constituency Chairman for the sake of discerning party members who deserve to know the facts to be appropriately informed. Unfortunately, there has been a deliberate attempt to cover up the substantive issues by unjustifiably attacking the Municipal Chief Executive who is not in any way linked to the original article. Is it because his popularity is already soaring as a result of the lasting legacy he intends to leave behind as MCE judging from his showing in office so far? It is not surprising to me though, since the loud silence and inertia from the party hierarchy has emboldened the Chairman and his “boys”. The failure or inability of the party to appropriately investigate and issue accompanying sanctions is the reason for which they keep accusing the MCE on frivolous grounds despite all that they did as against Hon Issahaku Tahiru and the entire party in 2016.

I take the opportunity to advise the writers not just to write for the sake of writing. They must only write when necessary to contribute to the progress and forward march of the NPP, especially in the Wa Central Constituency. But for malice, no one needs to remind them of the outstanding academic and professional credentials of the MCE as a Chartered Accountant who has built an unblemished reputation for himself in the public service. His personal credentials and approach to issues is the reason for which his candidature has catapulted the NPP into astronomic heights since 2012. Do I need to remind them that Wa Central Constituency has become a swing constituency and was bound to fall for the NPP but for the stiff opposition from the camp of the Constituency Chairman in 2016? The vile attempt at labelling the MCE as pompous and arrogant is only a figment of the imagination of a disgruntled group of selfish and dishonest people who are only concerned about their stomachs and nothing else. The verdict on the character of the Hon MCE can better be delivered by teeming youth and women who were with him in the trenches across the nooks and crannies of the Wa Central Constituency campaigning to bring victory to the NPP but had their efforts thwarted by the dishonest and selfish conduct of the Constituency Chairman. Our Chairman per his conduct is a mole in our midst and cannot be trusted with any responsibility anymore.

On the issue of with-holding campaign funds as levelled against the Hon MCE is simply laughable and immature. Any serious candidate needs to draw or attract funding from varied sources. For very strategic reasons, some resources have to be concealed and not disclosed. In fact, some financiers take a strong exception to being revealed as contributing to one candidate or the other. Is it not incomprehensible that official party support for a candidate can elude the attention of a Constituency Chairman worth his sort? Possibly it is the misconduct of Mr Ali Kamara that informed the decision to keep at bay in terms of party resources so that he doesn’t relay information to the opposition. Wouldn’t that have been a smart and intelligent strategic move by the Parliamentary candidate? Why disclose your source of funding and available funds to a Chairman who was frantically working against your candidature? No candidate committed to winning an election would thread that path.

All in all, I still call on the writers to respond to these allegations to the best of their ability in fairness and honesty in the interest of the party;

1. Did the Constituency Chairman meet and impress upon some segments of the Wa Central Constituency to campaign and vote against the candidature of Hon Issahaku Tahiru Moomin in the 2016 parliamentary elections or not?

2. Was the Chairman caught red-handed in the company of Hon Nuhu Putiaha at Boli campaigning for Hon Rashid Pelpuo and the NDC or not?

3. Has the Chairman been receiving quarterly imbursements from the Common Fund of the Wa Central Member of Parliament or not?

4. Did the Chairman clandestinely and secretly receive a contract from the Member of Parliament for Wa Central to construct a Zonal Council Office in Boli or not?

These are the legitimate questions begging for answers and deserving of the attention of the people of the NPP family in the Wa Central Constituency. The attempts to sweep these allegations under the carpet wouldn’t see the light of day. As long as these allegations stand, ALI KAMARA should shelf any ambitions of leading the Wa Central Constituency again. The crusade to bring sanity to Wa Central is on and no lie or falsehood would be allowed to fester.