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Opinions of Thursday, 17 August 2017

Columnist: Joseph Roberts-Mensah

RE: Sierra Leone needs Ghana’s help - President Akufo-Addo

I would like to say that Charlottesville or the incredible foolishness going on with banks in Ghana is on my mind but unfortunately these all pale into insignificance when compared with the disaster unfolding in Sierra Leone...which seems to have simply been swept away by a majority of supposedly intelligent media. So is it me or is there a real problem in this country???

I can't speak to any other country as this is the one I got in the raffle, but for any joker to come and tell us that they are waiting for ECOWAS to deploy all necessary assistance is both stupid and reckless. It simply beggars belief that in the midst of the horror unfolding before our eyes, where so much misery has been unleashed, with so many lives lost, with people dying, hospitals unable to cope, homeless children and families exposed to the elements, Ghana waits on....I don't know who.

Is there no leadership in this country, have we lost all sense of compassion? It’s not too long ago when whinging footballers got our government to airlift within 36 hours, over 3 million dollars so they would kick a football in brazil, and here we are today unable to mobilize our peacekeeping hardened, supremely efficient and trained Military Sappers/Engineers, load up the numerous siezed galamsey excavators and head to our neighbour in distress.

Do we actually need someone to tell us that the disaster our sister is going through needs all our efforts, and there is no time!!! Do our Council of Churches, our Moslem brothers, pseudo christian talkshops that pontificate daily on LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOUR, not get that these are not just words to be mouthed on Sundays or whenever? People are dying, lives ruined, and survivors now living under the threat of cholera and other diseases, scared, frightened, devastated while we provided foolish explanations for our inaction.

MR PRESIDENT wake up already, go on radio. Launch a national appeal...test us...see if we don't respond....Ask for donations, blankets, bedding, clothes, tents, with those groups who really care and want to do something. The paltry and insulting donation made by ECOWAS wouldn't buy one of the cars your Ministers use, Put some fire in your belly and be outraged by this disaster ....act some leadership....lead.