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Opinions of Friday, 29 November 2013

Columnist: Antwi, Eugene

RE: Rot at DUR



My attention has been drawn to a scurrilous attack on my person and integrity and would like to set the record straight in certain areas of this unfortunate smear and character assassination of these faceless individuals.

Firstly, I wish to express my deepest sense of gratitude to Messrs James Amoo-Gottfried, Theodore Quaye, Ben Adomah, Frank Sekyere, Abraham Dankwa and Naem Iddrisu (Quantity Surveyor), for the impeccable personal and professional relationship I have enjoyed with them, especially in their professional field. I will, forever be grateful to all Urban Roads employees, especially, the afore-mentioned individuals.

Now to the germane issues, in the comment/s section of the first article, certain faceless individuals stated thus “Mr Eugene Antwi, the sacked UK banker”, “Mr Sacked UK Banker” etc. Upon good counsel, I decided not to respond to a faceless insult/s. I wish to state here and now that, Eugene Antwi has NEVER been sacked by any UK employer in my fifteen years of professional life in the UK. I resigned twice with LloydsTSB in 1999 and Barclays Bank in 2001. Subsequently, joined the Lord Chancellors, now known as Department for Constitutional Affairs as a Civil Servant and resigned that too in September, 2007 to pursue my life-long political dream in Ghana. If anybody has contrary evidence or information to corroborate those malicious lies or untruth, they should produce it now or forever hold their peace.

There is another infantile, scurrilous and destructive assertion in Mr Danis Kwame Antwi (my namesake, incidentally) thus, “Or its because of Abraham’s contribution to Eugene ostensibly to chase Theodore Quaye out and make him the director should the tables turn”. Mr Abraham Dankwa has not giving me any contribution/s. Is Mr Danis Kwame Antwi, insinuating that, Mr Theodore Quaye is NDC and Mr Dankwa is something else. For your information to cure you of mischief and envy, Mr Theodore Quaye has given me more projects to execute, than his predecessor, Mr James Amoo-Gottfried.

Mr Danis Kwame Antwi, your effusions may create unnecessary confusion and tension these articles have caused, because the last time I checked my records, both gentlemen were employees of Urban Roads, in effect, they are apolitical and public servants. Another baseless allegation against two innocent individuals, if Mr Danis Kwame Antwi, has any concrete evidence to corroborate yet another malicious gossip, just to tarnish the hard-won reputation of myself and Mr Abraham Dankwa, an upcoming progressive Engineer of the Department of Urban Roads.

I wish to state here and now that, I am a very grateful, loyal person and honest in my dealings with my fellow beings and do not dabble in rumour and gossip and rumour-mongering. Those who know me well and what I stand for will tell you that for free. Those who have made it their business to pull everybody down in their selfish, greedy and envious quest to settle political scores will FAIL. The truth will forever stand.


Eugene Antwi