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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Columnist: Adjepong, Dennis

RE: President Kufour has touched me-Rawlings

Pres. Rawlings, what is your problem! You were quoted as saying that ? Kufour?s government has no moral authority,? What did you not do when you were a military government! You murdered Mensah Wood cold blooded, killed innocent civilians and concluded the thesis of human atrocities with ?no accountability? policy in the economic arenas of our motherland. Have you forgotten so soon. Will someone beat the hurl out Rawlings?I will not hold that person liable. The loathe of incompetence and cruel governance. Pres. Kufour learnt from you!!,What about that. You are the long ruling leader in the history of our motherland and have set a high record of inhumane traits and genes and now every leader has adapted the same style to be the status quo. May God for give us all? The ball you threw to the wall in the 1980?s is what has come back to you in the year 2005.So simply put, shut up and eat the fruit you sowed in the 1980?s. Does that make sense? After all, Kufour tries them in court before jailing them .You killed them at gunpoint with no sense of humour. You have to thank God that Ghanaians has not called you to answer questions about the injustices caused with Boakye Djan during your brutal regime. Can you categorically see the difference between good and bad?

In addition, you made mention that Kufour has appointed many ministers. Is that your problem? After all, he has to choose the people he can work with. So, don?t you have something better to engage your life in after being a President. This is ridiculous!!!!

Peolple of Ghana, our dear motherland is crying for justice.Lets pray that it get one before we live the spherical world of absurd brutality inflicted upon us by the Rawlings regime.

Dennis Adjepong
Strayer university.
Alexandria, VA

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