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Opinions of Saturday, 8 August 2009

Columnist: Alhassan, Jafaru

RE: Open Letter To The Director Of BNI

I read with great pleasure an open letter to the Director of BNI by Mr. John Moshie Dahaman about one of his staff in Tamale called Prince on 4th August 2009. The letter has made me want to contribute.

Some of us have even been to the Regional BNI office in Tamale to make a report about Prince but each time we are told there is no one in the office.

Four months ago, a brother of mine had a quarrel with a Liberian girl at a bar Titis in Tamale. The lady got angry and said his boyfriend was with the BNI and that my brother will see. Next day, he came to our house at Old cemetery road with his friends and with no warrant, no identification, threatened the whole house, our crime being that my junior brother had insulted his girlfriend. It was clear he and his friends were all drunk. How he even got to know our house is still a mystery.

I have met many other people in Tamale who have also complained about him. He is always bragging about he being BNI everywhere he goes. How will you catch criminals if you want everyone to know who you are Mr Prince? My advice to him is that, he should shut his mouth when you drinking and just do his work on the quiet. Is that not what they are supposed to do?

Please, the BNI Director and the Northern Regional BNI boss should please talk to the guy before problem starts because many people are not happy about his conduct at all. I hear he is always at Titis bar as if he is the watch man. I am also reliably told he does that to impress the owner of the bar who is related to his girlfriend.

The BNI Director and the Northern Regional BNI boss should please tell him to stop going to peoples houses to threaten them because of his girlfriend and also stop saying ‘i will lock you up, i will lock you up’’ at every little opportunity because those days are over. We are watching.

I hope The BNI Director and the Northern Regional BNI boss do call Prince to order. I thank Mr. John Moshie Dahaman for his letter and you the media for your attention.

Jafaru Alhassan, Tamale