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Opinions of Sunday, 21 September 2008

Columnist: Bernard, Afreh Manu

RE: Not again, Asantehene

A Response to the diatribe captioned: ‘Not again, Asantehene!!’

It seems not everyone is aware that this arena is no playground for congenital time-wasters and sociopaths. Horrible to say, at a time when forward-looking people and public intellectuals are preaching the message of peace, one Anthony Kumah, a silly man whose outbursts are well known on GHP, would shamelessly choose to fan the embers of ethnicity and, then, wage a campaign of calumny against the person of the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Ordinarily, I should not have dignified the histrionics of a tribal bigot with a response, but the ghastly smell streaming from that diatribe was nauseating enough to impel me pick my pen. Before I redress that confusing story in parts, I beseech all readers to ignore all such incendiary submissions, more especially, at this time when electorates in our beloved country are warming themselves up to exercise their civic right at the valley of decision.

What boggles the mind is why that tribal bigot chose to make the Asante King the butt of his hallucinatory squawks, after having already stated categorically that ‘Otumfuo Osei Tutu said even though, as Asantehene, he could not publicly declare his support for any political party’. Well, only a tree frog like Anthony Kumah would keep swinging from one mockery to another. Despite his numerous visits to the medicine man for spiritual healing, it is an open secret that he is nothing but a carved gargoyle who continues to spew mindless drivels from the neck.

Mr. Tribal Bigot sang and croaked: ‘Such claims as made by the Asantehene are flyblown and will not do anybody any good. At best, they betray the one who makes them and reveal him as an inveterate hypocrite’. Let’s face it: which claims is this jester talking about? Did the Otumfuo make any wrong in welcoming big shots from the NPP to his palace? Facts are known to be sacred, but, need I tell him that Prof. Mills once came with his entourage to the palace? I wonder why a purportedly well-informed Ghanaian would fling his mental faculties to the lumber-room, and choose to exhibit his sublime ignorance on cyberspace.

In fact, Mr. Tribal Bigot needs my sympathy: for the vituperations he chose to vomit in this arena gives him away as a pathetic product of unbridled histrionics.

Mr. Tribal Bigot huffs and puffs at the top of his lungs: ‘I think that although his larynx was busily working, churning out those words, his brain was not involved in the articulatory process. He should have known better than saying what he was reported to have said’. It is not surprising he vomits such and, in fact, to examine such unguarded utterances from a halfwit-nitwit-dimwit would amount to the most annoying apology for a sordid display of moral bankruptcy.

Truth is: Mr. Tribal Bigot is not only a gormless ‘homo-sapien’, but one of those expendable dogs who are either quietly euthanized or violently executed, to release their owners from the burden consequent on their weak bones and embarrassing comportment.

As if determined to assault our sensibilities, he wheezes: ‘One of them is the circumstance surrounding the $35 million World Bank loan that he contracted for water projects in Ashanti and what has become of that money’.

Come on, that tribal bigot is simply oblivious of happenings in our country. So engrossed in the act of spewing hot-air from his American suburbia, he is simply blind to the projects undertaken by the Otumfuo. It is no wonder a prejudiced element like Anthony Kumah belongs to the class of people who deign no scruples putting tribe before nation.

Indeed, were he not a recluse whose domicile is the hermitage, why would his fetid mind assume that the Asantehene ‘choose to extend his domain to parts of the Volta Region’. Crass and scorching ignorance! What a poor attempt at sophistry! Fine, he is known to hate Otumfuo’s guts, but I advise he remove such blinkers of envy and jealousy, and contribute his own quota to national development.

Need I state forcefully that, our nation is far too gone than to tolerate the vituperations of a monumental idiot who adulates himself with pomp and pageantry. With his topsy-turvy logic of analyzing national issues, it must be clear to him now that whoever counseled him to write a critical essay against his principal has done him a grave harm.

In fact, no one grudges Anthony Kumah his foibles and wishful thinking, buoyed by the chants of badly-informed cheerleaders. He can dine and wine with his evil peers in the demonic cesspit, no one cares. He can go ahead to catalogue his inglorious-self in the chilling league of sadists and fatalists. That is his burden of illogicality. But he should remember one thing: that the crude mode of excoriating people, who are, head and shoulders above him, to gain ‘prominence’, belongs to the last testament. The destiny is in his hands!

Afreh Manu Bernard.