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Opinions of Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

RE: NPP negligence should empower Woyome to sue for more money

It is very sad that some NDC members continue to throw dusts unto our eyes on Woyome's case.

I am not an NPP member because I do not bear its card but what I have read about Woyome's case, it has nothing to do with negligence of NPP government at that period.

According to TETTEH &CO legal practitioners letter dated on 20th November 2009, which was sent to the Attorney General, as published on, Woyome had no contract with the Government of Ghana.

The heading was " Woyome/Waterville GH 42m Palaver: Why Gov't Cancelled Cotracts"

Please, if you want to know more about this case, google the heading and it would take you to the website or give you more options.

Waterville Holdings BVI had a contract with the government but sub-contracted Woyome's company "Powapak".

When the contract was terminated, the Government of Ghana settled Waterville Holdings and Woyome's Powapak got its shares from Waterville. According to the website, the contract was terminated on 25th November 2006.

The reason for terminating the agreement or the contract was that Waterville was unable to complete the project as scheduled. The contract was to rehabilitate Ohene Djan, El Wak and Baba Yara Stadia for African Cup of Nations.

If there are documents to prove Woyome wrong today that he did not deserve to be paid any amount of money since he had no contract with the Government of Ghana why some NDC men continue to blame NPP government for negligence?

It is believed that Woyome falsified documents and his collaborators expedited and facilitated the payment.

In view of this, one can conclude that Woyome was not the only beneficiary of that payment but some people also benefited as well.

It is rather unfortunate that the Honourable MP for La Dadekotopon wrote to condemn NPP government at that time for negligence instead of telling the truth or keeping quite..

Time will tell.