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Opinions of Saturday, 13 October 2007

Columnist: Koku Anyidoho

RE: Kufuor Weeps Over Alan

The Chronicle on Thursday, October 4, 2007, published a story titled “Kufuor weeps over Alan.” In the story, the paper sought to create the impression that President Kufuor virtually wept over what the paper describes as the inability of Mr. Alan Kyerematen whom they describe as the “anointed one” of President Kufuor to win NPP’s December congress.

The story said Nana Osei Mensah and Mr. D. K. Adusei received the hardest rebuke because according to the paper, it is believed that they have been instigating potential delegates against President Kufuor’s wish. Let us even assume that the story is true, how on earth will President Kufuor invite people who do not support his candidate, that is if he has one, to a secret meeting and again if there was anything like a secret meeting. This is pathetic and it seriously flies in the face of the credibility of such a writer.

The act of reporting falsehood about people and especially the No. 1 citizen of the land, President Kufuor is very much in bad taste; it is not journalism and the earlier journalist refrain from this mudslinging, the better. When the reporter was called on some radio stations in Accra to justify his story, he could give any material proof, not even audio recording to support his story. The fact remains that, the personalities whose names were mentioned have denied the existence of such secret meeting; the onus is therefore on the reporter to provide evidence. But up until now, nothing of that sort has been done to give credence to the bogus story.

It will also be recalled that, this same paper, The Chronicle, published another story in line with the paper’s clear intention of denigrating Mr. Alan Kyerematen black as far as the NPP flagbearership race is concerned. The story was published on Monday, October 1, 2007 edition of the paper and titled “Alan will be a liability.” In that story, the paper reported that Hon. P. C Appiah Ofori has said that Alan will be a liability if elected by the delegates at the December 22 congress.

In that story, the reason given for tagging Mr. Alan Kyerematen was the assertion that he is spending money. But who amongst the NPP aspirants can openly say that he is not using or spending monies in his campaign? This is what Osafo Maafo said on Peace Fm’s afternoon show “Meye Omanpanin” hosted by Kwame Sefa Kayi, on Tuesday, October 2, 2007, “We are all spending in our campaigns? No single NPP aspirant can say that he is not spending money.” So what was P.C Appiah Ofori saying? Was he by any stretch of imagination saying that all the NPP aspirants are liabilities? I believe it is the fear of Alan Kyerematen that has engulfed the rest of the aspirants and their compatriots.

How can anybody tag a long standing member of NPP like, Hon Alan Kyerematen as being a liability to the party? This is a man who until recently held four key ministerial portfolios put together and was able to deliver excellently. There is no doubt that the success of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Private Sector and PSI under Alan Kyerematen is going to be an integral part of NPP’s campaign message for 2008. Young Executive Forum which is the sole baby of Mr. Alan Kyerematen contributed immensely to the victory of NPP in 2000. No wonder it is one of the few wings recognised by the party. How can any loving NPP member, therefore say of a man who has work his soul and heart out to make sure the party is where it is today, as being a liability?

For seven years now, not withstanding the historical performance of NPP, foot soldiers, party supporters and Ghanaians are still crying for more jobs and money in the pocket. Instead of this failed liability crusade, NPP should rather be happy to have somebody in the person of Mr. Allan John Kwadwo Kyerematen who knows how to create wealth and has therefore promise to give more jobs and money for the party and Ghanaians.

The NPP delegates are smarter for this kind of antics. No amount of smudging against Mr. Kyerematen can change him from the number one spot as far as the NPP race for flagbearer is concern. I will therefore advise that they should rather join Alan Kyerematen since they know, they can’t beat him.

The dirty antics of The Chronicle have been exposed for all to see. We take heart however, because nobody that the chronicle group has supported has ever won an election.

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