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Opinions of Sunday, 10 January 2010

Columnist: Aihoon, Augustus

RE: How Kufuor's Friends Got Hold of Ghana's Oil

All what Atta Mills and his vindictive, voodoo and hypocritical government are trying to do, is nothing different from the spirit that moved the Rawlings-led 'revolution'. It is pure jealousy and gangsterism. Atta Mills is just a pawn in the game. All what you get from reading this article is a motivation to criminalize people just because they are not NDC members; and they did their work under the Kufour regime.

The most nauseating aspect of the whole 'concert' is the pretense of Atta Mills- he is the gentle, humble, Christian, incorruptible President of Ghana- just sheer hypocrisy.

Who paid for his political campaigns?

Did he question the sources of his campaign monies- 1996; 2000, 2004, 2008? - Hypocrisy.

He will 'refuse' a Christmas hamper; but use millions of cedis and dollars for his campaign without questioning the sources- pure hypocrisy! How is he paying back the 'investments' his 'supporters' made to put him in power? Hypocrisy- plain and simple!

Can Professor Mills, the huhudious Betty Mould Iddrisu and their vindictive colleagues answer the following questions?

1. Is it wrong for any NDC member to engage in genuine business, just because their party is in power?

2. Do NDC members have to stop their legitimate businesses just because their party is in power?

3. Are NDC members debarred from taking advantage of available opportunities created by the government?

4. Is any relation, friend, acquaintance, classmate, church-friend, club mate, etc.; of Atta Mills involved in any kind of government-awarded contract or business?

It is unfortunate that politicians in our part of the world, most of the time, want power for very low and base ends. The Atta Mills-led government, unless it decides to burry the hatchet- maybe heading for the highest award on this most ignoble drive and motivation!