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Opinions of Thursday, 23 September 2010

Columnist: Dekportor, Mensah

RE: “Ghanaians in Germany Condemn Political Violence”

We the Executive Members of NDC- Hamburg branch wish to state that, a Story which appeared on on 6th September 2010 under the above heading was a complete fabrication and an utterly disgraceful attempt by the author - Kwaku Anane-Gyinde (NPP North RheinwestPhalia, Germany) to mislead readers and the general public.

The opposition NPP and their agents abroad have a responsibility as Ghanaians to join hands with us to build our country. These attempts to throw dust into the eyes of our countrymen and women can no longer hold, as Ghanaians are politically enlightened, very much awake and very discerning.

First of all the so called gathering of NPP functionaries Kwaku Anane referred to was a small gathering of Asanteman Union- Essen branch. It is very unfortunate that a meeting of Asanteman Union in Essen is now being paraded as an NPP gathering.

He went ahead and wildly claimed that Ghanaians were poorer now because of President Mills. Such wild and unsubstantiated claims by people like Kwaku do not help the people of Ghana in any way. If they love their country as they claim, they should join us to build it and stop the point scoring type of politics. We can disagree about our politics, but let us do so taking into consideration the future of our country.

We are where we are because of a checkered legacy we inherited from them. And In any case, if they had left a stronger economy, the Mills led government would have been far ahead in its development agenda and wouldn’t have had to spend energy bringing down double digit inflation to single digit. But because of the debt and the huge deficit the NDC inherited, we had to introduce economic austerity in order to balance the books.

There are a lot of good things happening in spite of the monumental challenges. Prof. Mills’ government has increased the capitation Grants, implemented the youth in agriculture project; built facilities to take more pupils and students at various levels of the educational chain and currently on the verge of wrapping up a deal which would see the construction of 200,000 housing units under the STX deal to provide shelters for the Nation’s security Services.

The Mills led government is confronting the challenges in the service and energy sectors, and providing more opportunities to Ghanaians than ever. We wish to urge all well-meaning Ghanaians in the diaspora to educate and persuade their families back home to support government’s activities and endeavor to vote massively for NDC under Prof. John Atta Mills come 2012 general Election in order to continue building a better Ghana for all Ghanaians.

Report By: Mensah Dekportor.
(NDC- Hamburg PRO)