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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Columnist: Ghana Association of Writers

RE: Ghana Association of Writers crumbles under NPP’s agenda

Former President Rawlings passed on at the age of 73 Former President Rawlings passed on at the age of 73

The publication on your news portal,, on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, titled, “Ghana Association of Writers crumbles under NPP’s agenda,” by Dr. Yaa Oforiwaa. has been brought to the attention of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW).

To set the records straight, NEC wishes to submit as follows:

1. Since its formation in 1957, GAW has remained apolitical because it recognises that its membership cuts across political divides. It is not, and has never been, the intention and, indeed, in the interest of the current executives to alter this noble and avowed position of the Association. NEC has not considered or contemplated aligning the Association to any political party.

2. There is no iota of truth in suggesting in the article that the Statement GAW issued to express commiserations following the death of Former President Jerry John Rawlings has generated “unnecessary controversy” in the Association. Therefore, the title of the article is misleading. Also, it is mischievous to impute that there is “a probable financial benefit behind the crafting of the statement.”

3. GAW is aware that as a public association, it can be criticised. However, the publication in question is without credible basis and meant to put the Association in a bad light.

4. GAW remains committed to its mandate to be a platform for writers and creators of literary content in Ghana, and the study, documentation, and preservation of Ghanaian literary heritage, oral traditions, and cultural elements.

The Association welcomes people with like minds to its fold to help foster the development of good literature in Ghana.