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Opinions of Thursday, 23 July 2015

Columnist: Asare, Isaac Amoah

RE: Chalk Headmistress To Be Transfered

The attention of the Eastern Regional Coordinating Council (E.R.C.C.) has been drawn to a Daily Guide’s Newspaper publication on Wednesday, 22nd July 2015 with the caption “Chalk Headmistress to be transferred” which sought to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the Council.

In the publication, it was indicated that, an insider of the Council informed the paper that the reason for the headmistress supposed transfer was because she is a strong sympathizer of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) and was influenced by some N.P.P. big wigs to ask for chalk amongst others.

It also indicated that, the insider claimed the entourage from the Regional Coordinating Council told the Second Lady to “blast” the headmistress because she is an N.P.P. member and does not appreciate the efforts of the government.
The Council wants to state emphatically that the story is false and unwarranted as there was no such conversation between any staff of the E.R.C.C. and the Second Lady.

All the workers of the E.R.C.C. have denied the allegations of granting an interview with the paper and is calling on the public to disregard the publication.

It must be emphasized that, the Second Lady is a discerning person who will not just heed to an advice characterized by prejudice from any person. Moreover, at what time did the so called insider see or hear somebody advising Mrs. Amissah-Arthur to “blast” the headmistress? Who was aware of the headmistress’s request before she spoke and how is it possible for a staff to know the political affiliation of the headmistress?

This clearly means that the publication was “cooked” and a calculated attempt to damage the image of the staff of the E.R.C.C. It is also believed that the reportage was just to gain popularity and public attention.
However, the council would want to condemn the publication, saying, it has no merit and credibility.

The E.R.C.C. would want to register its displeasure and disappointment for the simple fact that the reportage was based on mere speculations as due diligence was not made in investigating the issues involved.