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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Columnist: Agyeman, Alex

RE-Betty Mould Is Ghana’s Worst Attorney General-NPP USA

The NDC Youth Forum reacts to a statement by the NPP-USA branch, which was posted on on 14th October, 2010 and captioned: Betty Mould-Iddrisu: Ghana’s Worst Attorney-General Ever.
In the statement, characteristic of the NPP, they launched unprovoked attacks on a very harmless, noble woman who is seeing to the successful implementation of the Better Ghana Agenda as the Chief Legal Advisor to Government and to prosecute criminal offenses.
The NDC Youth Forum wishes to remind this NPP Appendage in the USA that they cannot be churning out falsehood for Ghanaians to believe what they have put on the web.
Were the NPP not the same persons who want us to do away with the politics of insults, what have changed now? Are they saying that they would preach virtues and practice vices?
The NPP have also found space among their following outside Ghana and have decide to deceive Ghanaians that the principles of the rule of law have been thrown to the dogs.
Ghanaians are leaving testimonies of the so-called cannibalised rule of law of under the NPP and the practise of a more refined governance system under the Professor John Evans Atta Mills led NDC.
Have the NPP too soon forgotten about poor Kwabena Kusi the apprentice Mechanic in Kumasi and the trumping up of charges against Nana Konadu Agyemang.
Indeed Ghanaians have moved on and that under the NDC this dear country would continue to hold on to the basic tenets of the rule of law under the dynamic leadership of Professor Evans Atta Mills.
Ghanaians are not as ignorant as the NPP wants us to believe; that the entire AG department does is to prosecute political opponents.

Indeed the Attorney General is a Saint who has done her work so diligently and deserves the commendation from these myopic minds.
The NDC Youth Forum wish to educate the NPP and its ignoramus sympathisers that under the stewardship of Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrisu, the constitutional review committee has being set up to find tuned the 1992 constitution.
The Petroleum Exploration, Drilling and Management Bill is due for Passage next month, the SFO that was defunct and rendered impotent by the NPP have been given a new lease of life and the re-equipping the AG Department among other things are a manifestation of her competencies as Chief legal advisor of the Government.
Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrissu, the Attoney General and her husband have worked hard enough to educate their children and had not got the pungent to steal public money as President John Kuffour, his ministers and agents did. It is only sick minds who would elect a President who was alleged to have declared that he is in Politics to steal state money for himself, family and friends i.e Nana Akuffo Addo.
If this faceless NPP agents have any moral issues to write about, we would like to school them to direct it towards their flag bearer who is alleged to have had some drug addiction problems and could only have afforded to raise a drunk daughter instead, who she left her to drive in the street of Accra, in the process attempted to murder no person than the Governor of the Bank of Ghana with her vehicle.
Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrisu has exhibited a high sense of judgement, hence is the longest serving Attorney General since the Forth Republican Constitution came into effect if these NPP stooges would care to know.
Unlike Nana Akuffo Addo the NPP Flag bearer, once the AG who would prefer to allow drug barons to escape from the full arms of the law. Furthermore, he de-confiscated the assets of convicted cocaine smugglers all because the criminals were members of the NPP. Now would these faceless hypocrites tell us who lacks judgement Betty or Nana Addo their idol?
Was it not under the control of their flag bearer who happened to be the AG when the President decided to ask for a review? What did Nana Akuffo Addo do to stop these abuses in our courts from those arms twisting of the legal system?
Indeed who lacks judgement the AG who would sit down for the nation to be whitewashed with cocaine and the AG who would assist her government to delist the nation among the nations of drug transit destination.

The AG has no intention to cheat and would not behave as the NPP did when they decide to write the judgement of our learned judges from the seat of government.
Mrs Iddrisu has demonstrated that she have no intention to ‘suarez’ the legal system. She has shown great respect for due processes and procedures in our courts.
She and her government would not ask for reviews that would go further to polarise our peaceful political environment and promote a judge to a position where he/she would eventual become a judge in his or her own case.
She would not be in cahoots with the CJ for the court to sit on a public holiday to attempt to steal the mandate of our people.
The allegation of corruption in the judiciary is not the figment of the AG but even the CJ does acknowledge the existence of the high perception of corruption against the courts.
Except the NPP wants us to believe that the very meaning of being inept could only be attributed to Nana Akuffo Addo when journalists had in their possession the charge sheet of the AG and were discussing the cases in news rooms of various radio stations.
What happened to the many corrupt practices that never saw any prosecutions because according to the gospel of the NPP, the stealing and the looting of state funds and property was the most cherished strategic mission statement of the NPP government which was carefully implemented under the supervision of President J. A. Kuffour and the numerous Attorney Generals including Nana Akuffo Addo.
Is it wrong to investigate Agents of the state who were sent to promote investments but ended having taking shares in the Jubilee oil fields? What we want the NPP to know is that Prof Mills has promised not behave like an irresponsible Principal.
Have the NPP forgotten the numerous assets the Tsatsu Tsikata lead GNPC bequeathed their government, which were auctioned to their cronies for a paltry sum. Knowing very well that their crimes would be exposed if Mr. Tsikata should survive to tell the truth planned to murder him just as they did to Victor Selormey
The forum would not like to sound insulting but would like to give these NPP operatives a task to ask Nana Addo whether he would be able to tell them what happen in the case of the President VRS Tsatsu Tiskata?
Why is this shameless and toothless leader of the NPP not condemning these insults from amongst his ilk?
The other day it was the chiefs and people of Cape Coast who were the target of insults. It is about time the NPP learnt to team up with NDC to better the lots of the Ghanaian people.

NDC National Youth Forum