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Opinions of Friday, 8 April 2016

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

RE: Bawumia's 10-point jobs plan speculative

The Deputy Communications Minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu has said that Dr Bawumia's 10-point plan to create jobs and reduce unemployment is no plan and described it to be redundant , vague and speculative.

He further said that NPP government promised to create 750,000 jobs but it did not.

I do not think that the deputy minister was living in Ghana when NPP government was ruling the country. If Mr Kwakye Ofosu was in Ghana during that period, then he could be very young and little to know what was going on, so let him learn from the following analyses.

First of all, NPP government re-introduced Metro Mass Transport to replace (OSA) Omnibus Service Authority which was collapsed by P/NDC governments and it has employed many Ghanaians today.

Secondly, NPP government introduced Assess to Higher Educational system to employ our SHS graduates who did not get the chance to continue their education because of some reasons.

The SHS graduates were employed as pupil teachers to teach in our primary schools and at the same time pursued educational programmes to become professional teachers. Many of our children got jobs to do and they are now professional teachers working in the country today.

Thirdly, Kufuor's government employed some of SHS graduates in hospitals as wards assistance and others to community police.

Kufuor's government also introduced National Health Insurance to replace P/NDC cash and carry system and that has employed many Ghanaians today.

Further more, Kufuor's government bought Valco for Ghana and it was working when Kufuor was in office. Valco is now our property but I cannot say that it is working today because of NDC bad management.

Moreover, Kufuor's government found oil for Ghana and it has employed many Ghanaians today but P/NDC governments spent almost 20 years in power and did not find oil for Ghana.

If the Deputy Minister wants to know the number people who were employed and still benefiting from NPP job creation plans, he should go round all of the above mentioned sectors, and he would get the accurate number of them.

With this simple analysis, Mr Kwakye Ofosu can now conclude that Dr Bawumia's job creation plan will work because he was one of the architects who drew the previous job creation plans and the plans worked effectively for the country so the minister should stop throwing dusts into our eyes.