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Opinions of Thursday, 21 December 2006

Columnist: Adzitornu, Kofi

RE: Akufo-Addo is the Real Deal.

I have chosen to write this rejoinder in reaction to a piece of utter rubbish I read in the Chronicle of Monday 18th December 2006. While I remain amused about the substance of the story, I take strong exception to the deliberate attempt to usurp my God-given name and clothe one Mr. Victor Newman with same.

It is strange that in our country, suspicions can by the stroke of a pen metamorphose to facts. The fact however is that I, Kofi (Gbontoss) Adzitornu of NPP fame have always been what I am, elusive to those who are obsessed with the inner workings of the NPP and a staunch defender of what I consider to be just and fair. Just so the likes of those media mercenary publisher types would know, I am simply an ex-intelligence officer. I have never spoken to nor had any contact with the so-called Mr. Victor Newman who I have come to realize talks very little in the first place. This attempt to confer my name is akin to what the Addo-Kufuor team mistakenly did in assuming without checking until much later that a certain Carlos Von Brazi was “the white man behind the Nana Addo campaign”, or that my “Aliu Who?” story was meant to spite His Excellency the Vice President. Maybe I would also be blamed for the stupidity that Ohene Ntow is accusing Dan Botwe of in his futile attempt to prevent Mac Manu from exercising executive authority?

But should one be surprised? These are the days when an editor gets a story and the first thing he does is to make a dash to the castle to seek the views of his political masters before publishing, ostensibly because Adzitornu is at it again. And all for what? Because it is assumed that Adzitornu is from the Nana Addo for president group within the NPP. How unfortunate that people who claim to have been schooled in the art of investigative journalism miss the basic tenet of cross-checking and verification; afterall Ghana is such a small place and finding Kofi Adzitornu should not be as difficult as unraveling the mystery behind the NDC’s purchase of a Gulf Stream jet!

For people like me, and unlike the Ahunabobrims and Asebu Amenfis who have no known residences or balls within their legs for that matter, we would continue to do what we do best, putting people on their toes and ensuring that Ghanaians are not hoodwinked by egomaniacs and sybaritic indolents gallivanting as successful publishers who cover their misdeeds by using the names of innocent interns. Of course I remain one of the two living beings who witnessed that payment of $150, 000 to the balding Asebu Amenfi to close the CHRAJ case on allegations against a certain P.V. Obeng, in the same way as I stood in the hangar when Alhaji Gwarzo entered the Ghanaian Airforce Station Hangar 2 and transferred sacks of dollars into a waiting van bound straight for the castle to finance the 1996 campaign of Abacha’s closest ally.

I have given these examples just to give those who sit at parties and plot to ensure that fine people like Nana Addo, Addo-Kufuor and Frimpong-Boateng fail in their bid, ample room to know what they are up against. So long as people like that exist, people like me will always make sure that their plans hatched from South Africa through Dzorwulu to Kwesiminstim and back to offices behind Mr. Pianim’s house do not materialize for I am watching them to the full extent of my training. Let it be known that henceforth, I will be pursuing my rights to the letter, beginning with this particular story where I have been mentioned as Mr. Victor Newman. Maybe, I suddenly grew a well-cropped fine line of white beard, something I am sure my counsel Asante Bediatuo would extract from the fine witness boxes in the fast track courts with glee.

I shall be back

Kofi (Gbontoss) Adzitornu

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