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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Columnist: Alabani, Kassim

RE: A soldier as Tamale mayor can help restore sanity.

I have read with disappointment an article entitled "a soldier as Tamale Mayor can help restore sanity"alleged to have been published by one Mr Joseph Ziem_see feature articles at

That article left me wondering on which part of the world the author might have come from and what his understanding may be with regards to cultural relativity and proper conduct. I want to briefly mention that his logic as to who should marry is not superior to other logics and as learned as he claimed, he should have known that it is illogical to judge on such inductive platforms.

He seem to see nothing good in a place where he makes his daily bread and have not opted for migration. I wonder what is hindering him. He might have dreamt of an utopian society that is clean and based on his thinking of what passes for rule of law .

I wish to mention that Mr Joseph Ziem and his like are not under any obligation to give anything to a street-child even if they seek accommodation. Ziem is yet to travel back to his village to see his own street children.

Contrary to his view that our women in Tamale are bastards and our youth being violent and lawless, i want to inform Joseph Ziem that the people in Tamale are the most discipline, lawful, clean and most religious people that can be found in Ghana.

I have lived in Kumasi, Accra, Cape coast and Takuradi and can confirm that there are more child prostitutes, thiefs & pilfers, violence, filt and general disorder in those place than in Tamale.

Journalist & people working in Tamale can roam the city till 2: 00 pm without any danger, i want to suggest to Mr Joseph Ziem to try that in Kumasi, Accra or elsewhere.

Mr Joseph Ziem is yet to learn that there is no single city in the world, small or big that has not got some challenges with regards to sanitation and other urbanization problems. Yet no city has been crucify. People like Mr Jospeh Ziem has been part of the problems in Tamale and are doing their best to undermine and relegate the civilizations of the people of Tamale and Dagbon for that matter. but i want to assure him that he will need a better education then he has gotten now to ploy his trade.

By, Kassim Alabani, B.A (Tamale), M.Sc. (Cape Coast),Ghana.