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Opinions of Friday, 29 October 2010

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred

Prostitution- A National Menace.

Ghana is gradually gaining notoriety as a destination for child prostitution, a dent in the country’s international image. Is this because of the governments’ unconcern or because of the prostitutes’ unwillingness to stop? Ghanaian societies are turning into grounds for the practicing and the trading of sexual activities, there has been proliferation of brothels in most parts of the country. This existence of brothels encourages the activities of prostitution in the country; prostitution has taken hold on some part of the Greater Accra, Ashanti region, Central region and the Western region. The ages of the prostitutes ranges from 12 to 35 years. Causes of prostitution and sexual activities in the country are increasing from time to time; one cause is inadequate education on the part of the "prostitute". Most "prostitutes" in the country are into prostitution because of lack of education concerning sexually transmitted disease (STDs) and their health as well. Most of the prostitutes’ level of education is very low to the extent that most of them hardly speak English. Thank God for the educational policies, at least education within the rural areas will increase and the rural to urban migration will be limited.

Another cause; poverty and unemployment have triggered the rapid spread of prostitution in the country. It provides those involved in this profession a considerable amount of income to support their families as well as supply a steady flow of remittances from urban to rural areas. Poverty alleviation program in the country will help to bring down the rate of prostitution in the country, not only that but the National Youth Employment Program (NYEP) has helped to increase the employment level of the youth exceedingly.

Women have been tricked into prostitution with guarantees of decent job opportunities in the city or abroad or have been kidnapped and then forced to work as prostitutes.Young girls, some as young as 11, exploited through prostitution in Accra, cape coast, Kumasi and other cities brothels as well as on streets, beaches, bars, market areas, restaurants and nightclubs. There must be a section of the security force of the country that must see to the stopping of prostitution in all parts and corners of the country. Family expectations and problems are common factors why many enter the prostitution business. Women in particular are pressured to pay for their sibling’s education or support a sick family member. Other aspects such as dysfunctional families or constant abuse from parents have lead adolescents to leave their homes and are attracted by the easy profits from prostitution. Peer pressure is another cause of prostitution on the country especially in some parts of Accra. Boys and girls engage in this because of the pressure from their peers or because of the spending pattern of their peers. Parents must learn to watch their children and always monitor their spending patterns, their type of friendship etc In order to prevent this kind of trouble for their children. Lack or inadequate parental control is a cause of prostitution in the country; this cause has led to what is termed as "sex tourism" in the country. Sex tourism usually takes place in coastal areas in the country- Accra, Cape coast,It can pointed that high rates of sexual exploitation of boys in tourism, particularly in the central region of this country. The situation seems to be worsening dramatically, as children (mainly boys) were enticed into sexual acts, while local boys deliberately hang around hotels and guesthouses soliciting foreign tourists. Parents must be extra careful in discharging their duties as parents. Prostitution in the country, who is to be blamed, the prostitutes of their clients? The government and its institutions must help reduce this problem; individuals must also know the benefit of life. Life is a gift from God, but perfect life is the work of the individual. Perfect individual leads to perfect country. Alfred Lamptey Political Studies Knust