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Opinions of Monday, 30 November 2020

Columnist: Isaac Ofori

Prophet Nigel Gaisie: NDC spiritual propagandist

Prophet Nigel Gaisie Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries Prophet Nigel Gaisie Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries

Consistently, Prophet Nigel Gaisie is trying hard to make Ghanaians believe his prophecies and take them to be the gospel truth. What he has forgotten is that not many Ghanaians will fall for his so-called political motivated prophecies which seems to be more or less a campaign message supporting fully NDC.

Following most of his prophecies, Nigel Gaisie appears to be not too sure about some of the pronouncements he makes in his church. He, Nigel Gaisie, had made emphatic pronouncement about NDC and Mahama winning the 2020 elections.

Well, one thing Nigel forgot was that we are all not naïve like his church members who will go every extent to lick his boot and shower praises on him for whatever he claims to be.

There are many things that Nigel had said that many people should not take him for serious. I want my readers to understand that God does not meddle in the affairs of politics and if we need God to choose our leaders for us, there is no way we must embrace democracy. Nigel is a big liar and does not tell the truth as he wants his members to know. He is riding on the back of prophecies to grow his church by drawing members largely from the NDC party.

Nigel told us that NDC will win by some 52% and that God revealed it to him.

He went further and said that NDC needs to do certain things to make this prophecy happen. Again, Nigel had gone ahead to say that Mahama will win the elections but because he is a northerner he won’t be allowed to rule the country. He said people will intimidate the EC chair not to pronounce Mahama as the president and that Jean Mensah’s life is in danger.

Moreover, the self-acclaimed national prophet went ahead and prophesied that if NPP wins the country will be destroyed and he can see suffering and miserable under the next NPP government. He claimed that sending soldiers to the Volta region is a means to prevent many people from voting in the region and other weird pronouncements.

Every well-meaning Ghanaian will understand that Nigel Gaisie is not serious.

Ask yourself, are these prophecies or campaign messages. We are not afraid of Nigel Gaisie prophecies because there had been instances that some prophets had said and talked about and had not come to pass.

Gaisie should take a cue from failed prophecies of many greatest prophets of our time including TB Joshua who prophesied the disappearance of the coronavirus within a certain time limit and had it wrong after all.

I am not imputing fakeness but his utterance is ready to be tested with the 2020 December polls that should Mahama lose the elections, his church must as well be closed down because he shall forever be regarded as a fake and spiritual opportunist seeking fame and political favour.