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Opinions of Saturday, 24 February 2018

Columnist: Prof Kwaku Asare

Prof Kwaku Asare writes: Annul that obnoxious LI

Prof Kwaku Asare Prof Kwaku Asare

This morning the Muntaka Mubarak/Afenyo-Markin bipartisan train to annul the obnoxious LI picked up bipartisan support from Honourable Annoh-Dompreh and Dzata George. We must also acknowledge the bipartisan work of Honourable Inusah Fuseini and Ben Abdallah Banda at the committee level and on air.

We thank the Honourable MPs for standing with their constituents against injustice, arbitrariness, capriciousness and the unruly GLC.

This is also a good time to remind ourselves that there is still work to do. We not only need 183 MPs to join the bipartisan train but also we need them to be on the floor to cast the bipartisan nay vote whenever the obnoxious LI comes up for consideration.

Imagine the day after the votes are counted and we garner 182 votes. It will be close but it won't give us any cigars!

This is why I am asking you to reach out to your MPs this weekend to join the battle against this obnoxious LI. A nice email, a thumbs up, a phone call, hearty hello if you see them (SugarDemMPs)!!

The proponents of the obnoxious LI are peddling the falsehood that there will be a vacuum, which will shut down the School of Law in 2018, if the obnoxious LI is not passed. Further, they are saying the obnoxious LI is only an interim measure.

My friends, let us debunk the lies. There is in place a nice law on admission, called LI 1296. Nobody has been able to tell us with data or even anecdotes that there is something wrong with it! The unruly GLC must just obey that LI, which is the putative law as at December 22, 2017, the Supreme Court imposed deadline.

On the argument of lack of facilities and capacity, constantly remind the unruly GLC that it is not offering free PLS (Professional Legal Studies). With 3,000 students able and willing to pay $3,000 each for LPS, it is inexcusable incompetence to talk about capacity constraints when the Parent Act (Act 32) empowers the unruly GLC to name alternative places of instruction whenever the need arises.

Third, do not believe a law-breaking regulator that takes pride in acting arbitrarily when it tells you an LI is an interim measure. Interim for what? Just follow LI 1296 and stop dreaming about interim LIs (PepperDemProponents)!!!