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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Pride: The Main Cause Of Chaos In Our Times.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Have you asked yourself the common question what is happening in the world currently that all mankind are entertaining fears that there is no peace anywhere?
Each and everyday, breaking news of civil wars in certain countries keeps coming in. Huge reports of hard crimes by the youth ,drug related activities, coup d’états and many more keep happening only to create fear for mankind that living on this earth is no more peaceful and comfortable.
But currently one will agree that what is dominating the news is the daily report of civil unrest in the Arab world where opposition forces are calling for change of their incumbent government which has turned deadly leaving thousands of people dead.
A careful research or investigation will lead one to discover that all these aforementioned happenings which are creating fear for mankind are all caused by pride always exhibited by certain people who think they know everything under this big sun.
Because of pride, former president Hosni Mubarak, imposed himself on the people of Egypt as a president for several years before he was ousted by people power through demonstrations.
Look at how former Tunisian president Ben Ali, through pride siphoned almost all the country’s money and stashed them into foreign banks before the ordinary people became aware and forced him out from office as a president.
What do you think is making Libyan dictator Muamah Quadaffi to be still refusing to leave office as president as the opposition forces keep pressing to over throw him from office? In all just do a little sort of assessment and see the number of innocent lives that have been lost through these uprisings.
When the breaking news came yesterday afternoon Canada time 11:54 a.m. that the former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo has been arrested, what a colleague asked was,”hey did the soldiers give him some few slaps?”
I was mad at him for having such an idea but later on I seemed to agree with him because even in our local traditional system if a chief misbehaved and is over thrown his sandals are removed and given a slap to instill some sense in his head.
Yes I will justify the slap if he was given one when he was first arrested because look at the number of innocent persons who have died as a result of his stupid pride which he exhibited by refusing to step down as a defeated president to pave way peace in Ivory Coast.
Killings here and there charred bodies displayed in the open because he was hard in heart to leave office for peace to prevail. People have to go on self impose house arrest and live on dried [cassava flakes] Gari for days, weeks and even some months because of this unnecessary civil war.
Finally, the man who was hard in heart, president, who rides under full presidential convoy with police motorcade, takes salute wherever he goes had to be smoked out from his hide out, made to self broadcast his arrest and handover exhibiting a great fall from grace to grass.
In fact the whole process of Gbagbos refusal to step aside as president for Ivory Coast for the president elect Alhassan Ouatarra to take over, teaches a lesson of reassessing ones thinking, undertakings and check his actions in order not to have this canker and get destroyed by it.
Really as demonstrated by Gbagbo, I have learnt that pride is one way of defecting the presence of Satan or the devil presence in every ones life since it is most powerful weapon which is evil.
Biblically one will learn that pride turned good angels to demons and threw them down from heaven places because God never created a devil.
Yes he created Lucifer which the Greek meaning of the word pride is very simple revealing and likened to something swelling like a balloon.
Therefore anyone who is full of pride tries to appear above his real level. A simple index of self-exaltation.
It could be observed that anyone like Laurent Gbagbo who is full of pride try to raise his shoulders high- a clear picture of swelling. Talks by heart and always doing things which in reality contrasted or conflicted in simple good things [refusing to leave the seat of president.
Because pride is extreme bad, several other sins are attached to it; for example Laurent Gbagbo will not step aside even at a point of his capture insisted he was still the president of Ivory Coast if he was not propelled by pride.
Clearly seen in the lives of many dictatorial presidents including Laurent Gbagbo, is that pride is extremely bad as it gives one a feel of being superior to others or being over priced once self as anyone like him, who is full of pride wanted to take on a stature that was larger than his, began to feel that he was above others simply because he thought he was bigger or richer than the people he was presiding over as their head of state.
The life of proud persons like Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak, Muamar Quadaffi and that of Laurent Gbagbo are filled with contentions, strife, division, wrangling, vitriol disorder and the likes that we are all seeing.
Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak’s pride caused them their fall from grace to grass. Laurent Gbagbo is currently facing disgrace and Quadaffi’s kingdom is seriously crumbling too.
What do other world leaders who are full of pride learning from the big fall of these once proud presidents? I believe they may be learning their lessons by now.