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Opinions of Sunday, 27 November 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

President Mills on Course to Win 2012 Elections

The NDC are assiduously strategizing to win elections 2012. They are living nothing to chance in their efforts to capture both the parliamentary and presidential winning votes come elections 2012. They are outwitting the NPP on strategies by their latest conspicuously deceitful and intelligence- underrating government-approved budget allocations to journalists and musicians. The delusive vote-winning strategies as boldly spelt out in black and white by the Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, in his 2012 Budget Statement baffle most discerning Ghanaians. What a seemingly desperate nonstarter effort by the NDC to garner more winning votes.

Not long ago, Ghanaians caught the Deputy Information Minister, Baba Jamal, off guard on tape. Out of his usual thoughtless shenanigans, he had planned to bribe some journalists to write only good things about the confused and seemingly incompetent NDC government. Why would he or the NDC want some journalists to lie to the nation about the achievements of President Mills' administration that may not be the reality? Does he think Ghanaians are still living in the political wilderness of the 1960s where every Tom, Dick and Harry could play on their intelligence and get away with it? I may be wrong in my assumption as some crafty politicians are easily able to buy over some Ghanaians with a bar of "key soap", one or two tins of Geisha, a half piece of cheap cloth, a few milk-tin-measured rice etc. With a little campaign talk full of lies and any of the above-mentioned items, some Ghanaians quickly part with their precious votes to charlatan-politicians. Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a Deputy Information Minister, has said any beneficiary-journalist will not have to pay back any funds given to him or her. As scholarships are free, so will the fund to any journalist availing him or herself of it. Furthermore, funds will be available to encourage talented but otherwise poor and would-not-have-been musicians to come out as stars. Are there any conditions attached to the disbursal of the musical fund as allocated in the 2012 Budget? No! Then we are going to have loads of musicians churning out the usual loved, but silly sex-inciting-laden lyrical songs. If they are not going to come up with Nana Ampadu's type of educative songs full of admonition, encouragement and wisdom, then what is the ultimate benefit of the fund to Ghanaians? Is it to encourage them to sing songs in support of President Mills, pontificating his achievements as done by the Finance Minister in his 2012 Budget Statement? Will Lucky Mensah benefit from it for his– "Yere se sa mu" and "Nkoyie" type of songs? The NDC should cease throwing dust in our eyes. Any reasonable, selfless Ghanaian knows NDC has drowned in that mighty ocean of administering Ghana. They are not competent swimmers although they have big mouths to insult people. All their strategies to win election 2012 will backfire in their face. No biometric verification for voters, funds to buy over journalists and musicians, President Mills remaining hypocritically silent whilst his Deputy Ministers insult NPP activists. President Mills, the present day Messiah calls himself "Asomdwehene". He performs miracles to woo little minds. According to Baba Liar Jamal, President Mills prayed, stretched his hand towards an overflowing river and immediately, the water receded. President Atta with his entourage then crossed to the other side of the river. Do you believe Baba Liar Jamal? Is he not on record for encouraging people to lie about the achievements of President Mills? If President Mills buys you a goat, say he has bought you a cow. If he buys you a bicycle, say he has bought you a Land Cruiser. If he gives you GHC 1.00, say he has given you GHC 1 Million. What dreamers are Baba Jamal and NDC?

Is this how President Mills with NDC plans to win elections 2012? My solemn prediction is, as lame duck as the President is, he had better park aside to make way for a more dynamic person. Ghanaians need a more active, competent and visionary person to lead them. Atta will go back to the lecture halls or classroom where he belongs and excels but not at the presidency of Ghana. The presidency is a maze to him.

Rockson Adofo