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Opinions of Saturday, 13 February 2010

Columnist: Atugiya, David

President Mills and Ministers of State: Less Talking and More Actions

As a concern citizen I wish to humbly appeal to H.E. President Mills and his Ministers of state to stop paying much credence to the NPP and concentrate on delivery on its manifesto upon which the people of Ghana gave them the mandate to govern for 4 years following the general elections held in 2008.

It is ironic to see Ministers of state and some times spokespersons hopping from one radio station to another or one television station to another television reacting to the diversionary tactics of the NPP and perfectly playing into their game plan of destabilising the government. In my candid opinion and observation from my resent visit to the Ghana, Ministers of state and spokes persons of the government spend to much of air time responding to mostly unsubstantiated and unfounded allegations and or rumours about or against the government .Thereby giving much credence to the NPP and the now infamous “Coffee Shop Mafia” journalists; and so called social commentators who most often have nothing to offer.

President Mills and his Ministers should know that it was not the NPP or the “Coffee Shop Mafia” good for nothing, self serving, tainted journalists and editors of some newspapers that voted them into power. Much time and efforts of Ministers of state should rightly be spent on not only explaining government policies but also the extent to which those policies have been implemented on the ground to improve the lots of Ghanaians.

To echo some sentiments expressed, it is not good enough after a year in government, officials still go about telling Ghanaians that the NDC government is on cause to deliver on its promises. Let the actions of the government through its policies implementation on the grounds speak louder that the old fashioned, rehashed rhetoric written by some tired and sometime lazy civil servants.

What some of us would like to see or hear from the government of the day is some direction to which they are taken the country into, through its policies and programmes. One would want to see the government take the initiative of driving home their policies and programmes that will generate serious public discourse and meaningful contributions from all Ghanaians irrespective of ones political persuasion for the good of the country. It would be prudent for the government to begin on a monthly basis announcing and publishing policies and programmes for example on, Energy, Education, Health, works and housing, employment etc,

Let the voters and Ghanaian who gave President Mills NDC government the mandate to govern see less talk and more actions. Ghanaians want results.

David Atugiya

Secretary of BONABOTO-UK

PS. The views expressed in this article are that of the author and does not in any way represent the views of BONABOTO-UK