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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

President Mills Gives Former President Rawlings a double Slap in the Face

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Former President J.J. Rawlings has suffered a blinding double slap across the face under the hands of President Mills. He is left sprawled on the floor in pain, crying and pleading for mercy. Who is ready to go to his aid, fellow Ghanaians? The ball is now bouncing in your court but who is ready to bell the cat without the President's Special Forces attacking him or her? I am afraid nobody can go to former President Rawlings' aid, not even FONKAR for the fear of suffering same fate.

Many a Ghanaian is aware of how former President Rawlings handpicked then Professor Mills and made him his Vice President. He mentored to Professor Mills and in the end imposed him on the NDC party as their flag bearer saying, "This is my adorably preferred candidate, have ye him" All those who in a way challenged Rawlings by vying for the position conferred on candidate Atta Mills were bullied out of the NDC party, e.g. Dr Obed Asamoah.

Rawlings tirelessly toiled day and night; dusk and dawn, to ensure flag bearer Atta Mills won the 2008 elections to become the President of Ghana. Rawlings in total exhibition of his military might cum dictatorial powers threatened to rain brimstone on Ghana in the event of candidate Mills not winning the elections. Former President Rawlings was eager to attribute any eventual failure by candidate Mills to win to the NPP government rigging the elections. Then presidential candidate Mills was able to clench the presidency to make Rawlings happy and to put on hold any evil intentions he had devised for Ghana. Rawlings then went about punching the air saying, "I have come back, I have come back". He thought he was once again going to rule Ghana by proxy through puppet Mills. Little did he know that President Mills was going to have nothing to do with him but be his own man. Is this not a perfect instance of a slap in the face?

Now, going straight to the point of Rawlings suffering double whammy, thus, double slap across the face, please continue reading until the end. The first slap was delivered when President Mills resisted Rawlings' absurd demand on him to arrest and incarcerate all the former NPP government Ministers without proper recourse to the law, thus, fair trial. Tried as Rawlings vindictively did, President Mills would not budge to any dictations from a perceived power-hungry dictator who saw him as his puppet to do his bidding as and when he beckons. President Mills would also not bring into his government anyone strongly perceived to hold unfettered allegiance to Rawlings, hence preferring to form his government with a supposedly on-training Team B Ministers.

The second very painful slap came along with President Mills dismantling the very anchor on which the P/NDC was built. He has done perfectly well, what Blacks are best at; dismantling the good things, that "Akwasi Broni" (Whiteman) mounts for the betterment of humanity. The Blackman to certain people is best at destroying what the Whiteman has taken pains to build over years. The P/NDC was built on what may be abstract foundations of Transparency, Probity and Accountability. The sole founder of the party, former President J.J. Rawlings, in his wisdom founded the party to ensure his brainchild of Transparency, Probity and Accountability became the visible cardinal structures or components of any future Ghana governments. This idea was supposed to rid Ghana of corruption, bring about clarity in democratic governance in the hope of achieving the best for Ghana at all times.

What do we see in President Mills' NDC government of today that embitters Rawlings? Most of his Ministers/Deputy Ministers are incompetent, insulting parrots, corrupt beyond human comprehension and simply mediocre. They are far worse corrupt and non-performing in their duties than those in former President Kufuor's NPP government. Furthermore, President Mills sits nonchalantly agape whilst his government appointees with NDC scribes heap insults on Rawlings or cast insinuations at him. The NDC General Secretary, emaciated General Mosquito Johnson Asiedu Nketiah calls him a barking dog that they have chased out of the NDC party. Some say to his face that he had never been the founder of NDC and that the party is not his. The corrupt entities in the NDC are now treating him as an outcast with the scorn I can hardly find words to describe. What a painful situation for any right-thinking person to go through. Moreover, President Mills is infiltrating the party with those that many perceive to be the bitterest enemies of Rawlings e.g. former army coup member Major Boakye Djan. Indeed, friends today, enemies' tomorrow scenario is unfolding in the NDC about the obnoxious mistreatment of former President Rawlings.

The above are proverbial instances where one can be said to have suffered double slap across the face, I should think. I will personally treat this as suffering multiple simultaneous slaps if they were to happen to me. I pity former President Rawlings for suffering rejection by the very people who are now reaping the fruits of his risky labour. They are reaping from where they never sold hence popularly called sycophantic greedy bastards.

I shall be back stronger in my follow-up write-ups.

I dedicate this article to the SOURCES RADIO, UK. I love their educative political discussions. I listen to that radio very often. Find Sources Radio UK at FM 96.3 and on modernghana online radio. "Oniee, oniee, Sources nie, amansane boafo oo" x 2

Rockson Adofo