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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Columnist: NPP

President Mills, Even Weakness Has Its Limits.



Who is the law in Ghana today – the Police or NDC foot soldiers? The very
legitimacy of this question represents the alarming rate at which Ghana is
descending into a state of anarchy. Forget about the fact that it has been
proven that President Mill’s own appointees have repeatedly overruled his
decisions on just about all fronts. Now the NDC foot soldiers are so
emboldened by the impunity with which they have operated at the district and
regional levels that they can venture at the national level by invading
Parliament. What is next – The Castle?

Democracy is characterized by due process. Circumvent that due process, and
one runs the risk of breaking the law, which the NDC foot soldiers have done
with impunity for over two years under Mills-Mahama administration. Unless
this out-of-control NDC government condones such lawless behavior, how long
does it take to devise a plan to eliminate this menace to our national

These NDC foot soldiers began by illegally seizing public toilets; the
government greeted their illegal acts with inaction. Next, they ventured
into NHIS and NYEP offices beating up government employees, evicting them,
and locking up the offices around the country. Still the government greeted
their unruly behavior with inaction. The next NDC foot soldier targets were
District Chief Executives they disliked. The modus operandi was the same –
beat them up, and evict them from their government assigned offices. In this
case, not only did the government greet their illegal acts with inaction,
the Mills-Mahama administration actually rewarded them by firing those DCEs.
What many thought had broken the Camel’s back was when the foot soldiers
began to beat up police officers who are in fact the law – or supposedly so.
Government’s reaction? Inaction.

Today the foot soldiers have taken their illegal and unruly behavior to
Parliament. “On Thursday, during the President’s delivery of the 3rd State
of the Nation Address, irate foot soldiers attacked ushers, waitresses and
waiters attached to Parliament after they were prevented from taking snacks
that had been prepared for the lawmakers.” (Ghanaweb, February 20, 2011)
Shockingly, in a clear state of denial, Majority Chief Whip, Hon Gershon
Gbediame reacted by stating, “what shows that they are NDC foot soldiers?
Anybody at all can wear NDC T-shirt and say he or she is an NDC member”
although some of the foot soldiers exhibited their ID cards. Apparently
Mr.Gbediame will have the world believe that the NDC footsoldiers, after
overrunning the entire country, ceded Parliament to someone else. The NDC is
like the hopeless alcoholic who denying a drinking problem. Its is worth
noting that this alarmingly irresponsible retort from the Majority Chief
whip is very much symptomatic of the overall government approach to
resolving indiscipline and applying the law. His question is as misplaced as
the government’s inability and inertia to lead and manage the affairs of the

How this inept Mills-Mahama administration fails to see this menace as a
threat to national security, is indicative of its hopelessness in dealing
with important national issues. How much weaker can a president be? NPP-USA
calls on whoever is in charge of our government to arrest this menace with
immediate effect. It is myopic to view the threat posed by the NDC foot
soldiers as advantageous to the NDC; it is a threat to ALL of us without
regard to party affiliations. We further take this opportunity to re-state
our party’s commitment to meet this constant threat of the use of violence
and intimidation with same, since it is becoming increasingly clear that our
security agencies are powerless to defend peace loving Ghanaians when
confronted with this breach of peace from NDC foot soldiers. This
administration must come to the realization that it is not enough to only
pay lip service to peace and discipline but must positively protect its
citizenry at all times, affirm and apply the rule of law without fear or