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Opinions of Monday, 19 February 2018

Columnist: Sulemana Mohammed

President Mahama is the 21st century critical thinker

Former President Mahama in the past did say to us government don't create jobs and as young people, we needed to start thinking about creating jobs for ourselves.

In his fight to lead us in this direction, he converted some of Ghana's polytechnics into Technical universities to intensify the teaching of vocation and skilled training in our educational institutions.

He in his great leadership qualities and efforts also, thematically built on our infrastructure opening a massive employment space to be recruited and commissioned by the led and able Nana Addo government.

John Mahama the former president who a lot of people hold on to the view he's still ruling Ghana but in opposition is still in a display of his diplomatic skills all over the world in the areas of politics and business.

His statements and approaches are powerful, down to earth talking about our day to day activities of politics in Africa and beyond. He is still relevant, recognized, and undoubtedly his great leadership qualities get the Ghanaian people mesmerized and longing to have him as their President again come 2020 elections.

His energy, inclusiveness and not least, his suspense of keeping it right and cool not giving his opponents even in his own party the opportunity to easily predict makes him unique and unquenchable to talk about.

Apart from his greatness, he's also a smart ass lol flowing from all parts of him, Right from the approach display of his communication prowess, talking about his body language, his swaggering stylish of dressing to kill verily the youth that of course go completely gaga falling in admiration with him at his age.

As a young person, to see and learnt a lot but from far from the former president since his days as Member of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi Constituency for 12 years is enough to say I am fortunate to have been under his tutelage from far.

I hope a lot of young people in this country and beyond don't only look,I pray they see the vision, aggressive but polite, moderate and diplomatic manner the former president treated issues and still treating and of course he moves faster into the future than normal.

I describe him as a "natural diplomat", l can continue writing and writing about him and not getting weary because writing about him gives me flow because I know him from far away but not very far.

Sulemana Mohammed aka Sulley Kone