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Opinions of Saturday, 12 December 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

President Mahama is Only Managing but Not Fixing the “Dumsor” As Promised

Fellow Ghanaians, although we are presumed by President Mahama to have a short memory, I shall advise that we do not in addition deceive ourselves so that he does not mislead us any further. From close observations, I have established that President Mahama takes Ghanaians for fools hence playing on our intelligence as and when he wants. Same as a mother will dangle a toy in front of a crying baby to stop them from crying, so is President Mahama giving us promises upon promises amid insults and the use of words and terms to deceive us.

He promised to FIX but not to MANAGE dumsor, the devastating power outages visited upon Ghanaians by his acts of mismanagement through corruption, lack of farsightedness where his belief in projecting his tribesmen has culminated in his method of governance of putting square pegs in round holes, thus, highly unqualified persons in higher government and civil service positions where they are totally clueless. Can a President of a nation who believes in only being the President of his party hence seeking only their welfare but not that of the entire citizens be any credible leader?

Going back to the topic, President Mahama is only managing the dumsor that he promised to fix a few years ago. As I have decided in my recent publications to educate Ghanaians to view things in the proper perspective, I shall be quoting, if need be, extensively, to better bring the understanding of the situation Ghanaians are going through under President Mahama to their doorsteps.

Let me define what are to manage and to fix. "Problem Management is the process responsible for managing the lifecycle of all problems. The primary objectives of problem management are to prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening, to eliminate recurring incidents, and to minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented". Fix is to restore to proper condition or working order; repair:

From the above, has President Mahama been able to manage, let alone, fixed the dumsor? Ghanaians living in Ghana are themselves the best judges.

Is the powership or barge brought into the country from Turkey made by Karadeniz Powership Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Karadeniz Energy Group based in Turkey going to manage or fix the unbelievably power outages ravaging the lives of many a Ghanaian? Again, the citizens of Ghana are themselves the best judges able to tell the answer.

What is this power barge that the President, as mired in deceptions as he has always been, imported from Turkey at a great lease and running cost to Ghana? Will it be able to fix the power consumption or requirement problems faced by Ghanaians and if it can, for how long?

"A powership (or power ship) is a special purpose ship, on which a power plant is installed to serve as a power generation resource. A powership is an existing ship that has been modified for power generation, a marine vessel, on which a power plant is installed to serve as a power generation resource. Converted from existing ships, powerships are self-propelled, ready to go infrastructure for developing countries that plug into national grids where required.[1] Unmotorised powerships, known as power barges, are power plants installed on a deck barge. These are sometimes called "floating power plants" or "barge mounted power plants". They were initially developed during World War II by General Electric for the War Production Board as a transportable large-scale power generation resource". - Wikipedia
"It is expected that a power barge or power ship could moor at one place for an average duration of three to five years on a lease, or up to 20 years under a PPA. For this reason, power ships if constructed already, are a solution to bridge the gap for a certain time until a local power plant is built or the high demand in electricity supply is over" – Wikipedia

From the source quoted above, will the power barges fix or manage our dumsor problems? It is understood the government has leased it or them for a ten-year period if I am not mistaken. The fuel (petrol) consumption of the power barges is terribly high hence very expensive to the nation. Subsequently, the government has increased electricity bills by over 50% in advance of getting the power barges into operation to be able to pay off the high rental and operational costs of the power barges to the nation.

From every indication, one can conclude that the bringing in of the power barges at this time is a stratagem for NDC winning election 2016. It is just a mere ploy to throw dust into people's eyes, thinking Ghanaians having a short memory do double as fools.

Would repairing the three broken out of the six hydraulic turbines at Akosombo not have better fixed the dumsor to a more appreciable level than the leasing of the power barges? Can sorry to say, any fool not squander a nation's money and then import temporary energy-problem-solving barges at a great cost to the citizens and the nation at attempts to calming the anger of the people if the people will settle for that? Does that constitute a durable solution to the problem that requires the clapping of hands for whoever has imported them? The answer is a BIG NO! It is all a myopic policy, if not any of the government's usual ways of indirectly insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians.

The power barge cannot and should not be used as a short fix measure to fool Ghanaians into believing that John Dramani Mahama, that clueless and incompetent President has been able to manage, let alone, fixed the dumsor as promised. Ghanaians must be wiser than that.

Have small, medium and larger industries not collapsed already because of the precarious dumsor? Have people not died or lost their jobs or had their lives ruined already by the dumsor brought about by the incompetence of the President in managing the affairs of Ghana? Has it not come about as a result of the COORUPTION GALORE masterminded and spearheaded by President Mahama and his government?

Please President, give us a break for Ghanaians are not as stupid as you think. Don't let your NDC serial radio phone-in callers and your other agents and assigns mislead you into thinking that all is well with Ghanaians and that they will endorse you for a second term in office. It is only in your dreams that you will win election 2016 at a go (One touch). You can strategize to rig the election but you will encounter the wrath of both discerning Ghanaians and God to your greatest surprise!

Rockson Adofo