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Opinions of Monday, 8 October 2012

Columnist: Agyemang, Chris

President Mahama, His Life ,His Office

If one may have closely followed President Mahama's political history,his life and his office as vice president,we wouldn't make certain utterances against him. President Mahama can be best described as a cool,calm and collected gentleman. Before our Late President Mills,became president of our beloved country Ghana People were told not to vote for him,for if they did,he will be remote controlled by ex president Rawlings.

So rationally speaking ex president Rawlings would have been stirring the affairs of the country through him,and voting him into power is re-electing ex president Rawlings. God who enthrones and dethrones Kings,gave him the mantle to lead the country. A few months after assuming office,the opposition were at his throat with all kinds of things until his untimely demise.

But one very important thing he did,which was remarkable was to prove to them that he was capable of stirring his own affair, Ex president Rawlings is a man respected by the NDC,Late President Mills listened to him and acted upon his advice when he had to,but as a leader there were obviously certain things he saw as views expressed,and in his wisdom dealt with it differently.

Though the nation was mourning our late president,we owed it a duty to the nation to quickly find a replacement,since government business must continue. Then Vice President Mahama,was sworn into office,to lead the country. The opposition,now shifted their focus unto President Mahama,with all kinds of things.The latest is linking him to his brothers deal with a bank. This goes to attest that the opposition would stop at nothing,to doing anything to gain political points.

Its takes a long period of time and hard work to build a good reputation for one self,but it takes a second to destroy it.

Is the opposition that desperate to gain power,if they are lets ask why ???? President Mahama believes in the rule of law and would do everything or anything to flush out corruption from his administration,if there may be any. Lets be honest with our utterances,rather than spending time and tainting peoples image,lets address the issue's.

The content of a party's message is very important and must be credible. Ghanians are very discerning,so lets be realistic and inform the public why we deserve their vote,its simple.