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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Columnist: Gado, Ibrahim

Pray hard Freddie Blay

.... Chairman Afoko will NOT exit for you!

They are at it Again! Oh NPP! It's so disheartening reading and hearing about the unnecessary tensions and actions being perpetuated by members of our party's Steering Committee who had wanted to be National Chairman or General Secretary but could not have the balls to pick forms are trying with their last power to cause disaffection for our Chairman and General Secretary.

What do you need National Officers for at the Regional Vetting centers when you can trust Regional Chairmen and their executives to manage the process in those regions? The national officers of our party are increasingly becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the public, especially when as party foot soldiers, we engage the NDC at the grassroots on the incompetence and shameful mismanagement of our economy only to be replied with a simple question "How sure are you that you can manage Ghana when your leaders have clearly shown that they are unable to manage a party of about 1 million active members?" The answer, we have always thought would be that Afoko and Kwabena are "doing too much" but it seems to be the contrary. These two directing minds, ever since assuming office, have never been allowed to work as leaders of the NPP.

My mind can't come to terms in understanding the intentions of some of our leaders. Do we need an Emergency Steering Committee meeting to assign National Executives to various regions? How? I mean How? Even during the Presidential primaries, no such release was issued for the public's consumption but we saw executives duly assigned to all regions. Why do we need an Emergency Steering Committee meeting to issue such unnecessary statement.

In any case the General Secretary and Director of Elections had meticulously assigned astute and well respected leading members of our party to see to the smooth running of the vetting process. A memo of April 29, 2015, 4 clear days before this bogus Emergency Meeting which I have chanced on (copy attached) had worked out the path by appointing senior members of our party of high caliber. So what at all is the essence of this rushed meeting if not for evil purposes at the time when the National Chairman was on an official assignment and the General Secretary was bereaved? Nana Addo must not fall for this trap.

The Parliamentary Primaries
This has been the best process towards electing a parliamentary primaries as we have seen little noise from aspirants, crying of an attempt to disqualify them. I am even more excited that the General Secretary, in his wisdom and through the direction of the regional officers, have decided to hold on to certain constituencies with the aim of finding winnable candidates to contest in those constituencies. This deserves commendation than the attempt by Freddie Blay to paint the General Secretary as taking unilateral decisions.

We are again told that, the decision of the General Secretary, to apply waivers for former National Officers and Parliamentary candidates is not in good taste and flouts the laws of the party. Such a crap! Is this the first time we are seeing General Secretaries applying waivers? Why didn't Sir John call for a steering Committee when he decided to apply waivers in the case of Anthony Karbo and Hon. Kweku Kwarteng of Obuasi?

Are we being so heartless to the extent that, Peter Mensah, a young parliamentary hopeful, who some years ago, in the discharge of his duties as constituency Organizer, had NDC operatives physically attack him and poured Acid on his face, that saw him travel to Germany for a surgical Operation, cannot be granted a waiver by the General Secretary?

I have seen comments on Social media, by one Musah Superior, who used to work in the office of the General Secretary, describing the chief scribe as being stupid. Stupid?? He is stupid after giving you an opportunity to repair your already damaged reputation here in Tamale? Stupid, after defending you despite all the negative things you did against him? He should come and contest in Tamale Central if he has the balls. Enough of the loose talks from him. If he cares to know, we voted for a General Secretary, who is the Chief Executive Officer and not the manipulative type that we had previously.

Freddie Blay
His actions and in-actions for the past year has clearly shown that he does not care about the NPP. Yes, Uncle Freddie, it is public knowledge that you would want to be Speaker of Parliament hence you will go heaven and earth to please our flag bearer. We voted for you because we wanted you to have influence on some disgruntled members of the CPP and bring them to our fold but you seem to be disappointing.

Are you telling us that you could not call Afoko in the UK to arrange with him on this meeting?

Are you telling us that you could not arrange with the General Secretary to have the National Officers supervise the various regions?

Are you telling us that now, the National Officers need the mandate of the Steering Committee to be assigned jobs to do?

To be very blunt with you, your attempt to have our brother Afoko fail will rather see you failing BIG TIME! I don't blame you. Continue to have your field day But remember we would NOT allow you to come and spoil our party like you did in CPP. No! Never!

In the Holy Quran 49:11, it says, "{O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [other] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers.}"
If he wants to ridicule Paul Afoko and render him useless, he should have a second thought because Allah the merciful will never allow him to succeed.

I urge Nana Akufo Addo to develop trust for our National Chairman and General Secretary. The very constituency officers who campaigned vigorously for him to be elected presidential candidate of the NPP, were the same delegates in Tamale who voted for Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong. We, the youth of Dagbon, are increasingly becoming worried that, people would have to use his name as an excuse anytime we have seen the son of the North, Paul Afoko being ridiculed. He is not the first chairman of the party and we are witnesses to the past so Why HIM?? We can not win power if we are unwilling to change from our past wrong ways.

Let's put our acts together and WIN 2016. We shall never forgive anyone who leads us into opposition

Ibrahim Gado
Sagnarigu Constituency