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Opinions of Thursday, 28 March 2019

Columnist: David Bethel

Power to the young lady

David Bethel , author David Bethel , author

Grow into that woman whose impact on earth can’t be disregarded by men – Regardless the part of the globe they may find themselves. Google should have you on top of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) anytime attributes like substance, greatness, modesty, excellence, wealth is being mentioned in connection with womanhood or women.

You are a young lady today to become a woman tomorrow. Ageing obviously is inevitable but growing up into that woman is a choice, it’s optional and it’s actually a decision to dive into. You could slay all the phantom stigmas attached to women and the girl child if you are willing. Some say the woman is inferior to the man, others are saying women are not inferior to men. Which one would you stand with? It’s your decision.

But Listen young lady, your tomorrow is embedded in the things you are attracted to, and associate with. If you cannot see traces of all that would make you that woman the world would celebrate and recognize – you need to start getting worried.

In actual fact, get very worried. Let nobody lie to you that things are going to change when you know that the very things you are committed to are totally ambivalent to the change you might be looking out for. You have been told you would be a great inspirational speaker, but you currently cannot advise a fly.

You virtually find it difficult to say “no” or “yes” to yourself and remain true to it – how then would you inspire yourself? You could actually make statements like “I don’t even trust myself”, who then should fall for your fallacies.

You see, you can be that young lady young men run to for advise, guidance, and knowledge as and when they need it, even in your little corner. I am not talking about you having those “looks” – I am referring to your projections and words giving people the reason to attribute wisdom to your personality.

You would in so many instances be told by the many people you meet in life; you look like a doctor, you look like a lawyer, you look like a genius, O yes a Prophet’s wife looks so good on you etc. but hey if you could become all that by people telling and it translating into reality then I could bet you no woman today would ever feel miserable about themselves perhaps have any form of disappointment.

You could understand this better by pausing now and looking back at all the nice appellations given you when you were younger than you are today. The very ones you picked up, worked on and run with them may have worked for you, the ones you received but did nothing about went unattended to thus nothing positive came of them.

A woman is powerful, she is able to build her life and that of a man from nothing to greatness. I say a woman is powerful, so powerful that she can destroy the greatest thing a man has built all his life. A woman is strong, she so strong to stand the journey of nine months pregnancy and the labor pain. She is so strong that - she could decide to remain in pain out of bitterness at the detriment of her health, career and marriage. Some could extinct their lives as a result. That is how strong a woman can be.

Young Lady, what kind of woman are you envisaging in the next 5 years, 10 years or 20years? You become that woman from your present moment. You are powerful and strong. The energies in your emotions are fearsome, channel them into fueling that career, that ministry, that marriage you want to build – and that impact you want to make. You can do it. Yes you can do it; you can do it by “doing it”.

You can do it by focusing on it and working it out. You will make it happen and you will stand out. That is when you will be celebrated across the nations of the world. Take this from David Bethel; “You cannot be that significant, successful and Impactful woman in life without you being celebrated”.

It is not possible! You may ask, David how do I make this happen? “I would before anything ask you – how would you make it not happen? Let me answer that first. You won’t make it happen when you are lazy at it. You won’t make it happen when you don’t believe in yourself. You won’t make it happen when you always look at your deficiencies instead of your inbuilt potentials.

You won’t make it happen when instead of focusing on building yourself – you focus on impressing your peers in ways that are irrelevant to your goal. You won’t make it happen when you are always helping yourself to get bitter and upsetting your positive vibes. And to add, you won’t make it happen when you lack character (self-respect and respect for others). By the time you are done avoiding the various things that will prevent you from making it, you will make it happen! Yes, you will.

Our world today has suffered so many things because most women have failed to take responsibility. Most women instead of building up and supporting the men in their lives have done the contrary. Our world today cries, because most women who have the stands to change things and influence their young sisters positively have rather taken to showing their nudity on the internet that cannot change the life of a mosquito. When our women rise up, our world will rise up.

If the men could build the world on their own it would have been evident by now. Men can’t do this alone. Don’t be deceived young lady, you are much more powerful and productive. “For some of you young ladies, have you taken notice of the fact that since the very day you fell in love with Instagram and snapchat, you have become so consistent with it and that you would do everything possible to constantly supply your smartphones with the data needed to keep your status on fire? That is what I am talking about. That is the energy I have been writing about all this while.

Fall in love with that dream, that vision and constantly supply it with the very ingredients needed to make it happen. It will happen!
Young LADIES, please rise up and save us. Pull your strength together and make our world beautiful. As a man, I can only get better and better when I have “that” lady in my life and the same applies to all men.

Young woman;

Your Culture may not protect you

Your Gender may not promote you but

Your determination, resilience and commitment will propel you into greatness.

We are trusting you, our young Ladies today, our women tomorrow.