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Opinions of Saturday, 3 November 2007

Columnist: Asigri, D. Z.

Poverty as a political issue!

My article of the 29th October 2007 on HomePage (Health)-Learn to cope through knowledge and hope by sharing and caring. I have attempted to discuss the implications of stress on health. I can assure that you may enjoy reading it.

As a native of Worikambo within the Garu Tempane District (Upper East Region), without any statistical data to support this article I can only assume that the entire population live in poverty. With the recent natural disaster leading to loss of food and homes, I have lost the right words for this article. One can only learn to cope through knowledge, prayers and hope by sharing and caring. Take some courage by asking any native from the said District, how she or he feels? The response will be, ‘fara morim’, which means that, I am poor in English.

Poverty is today a global issue and requires global attack. However, poverty as a sensitive problem has turned a political issue within the Garu Tempane District or constituency and this must be avoided at all cost. The point is that, no helper in this modern world will ever extend alms to people in need whose political leaders expose themselves to blame. As identified in Ghanaweb Hopepage (health) of 29th October 2007, stress, as a killer disease in the world today is certain to have a toll on the lives of the people of Garu Tempane District in my view.

Poverty as a controversial issue is difficult to define but our politicians in this election era must remember what single change would make our country a healthier place. My guess is that eradicating poverty will be seen to come first, to be followed by improving sanitation and housing and our life styles-of course.

Let us be warned that the electorate is aware of his/her basic human needs!

Asigri, D. Z.
Senior Lecturer Middlesex University London

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