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Opinions of Sunday, 18 November 2018

Columnist: Mark Luu

Polygamy or Baby mamas?

Polygamy has been an accepted marriage practice since the time of creation. All notable Holy Books clearly established polygamy as an acceptable marriage practice.

The Holy Koran, The Torah, and the Bible are full of regulations governing marriage.

Notable messages of God were polygamous and the very foundation of Israel was from a polygamist. Jacob had 12 sons from 4 women. His sons became tribes in Israel.

God in his wisdom,, made several laws regulating polygamy. He could have outlawed it and made it a sin, if he really perceive it to be so.

God called homosexuality sinful, and he did not accept any part of it. Today, we even have open gay pastors in very notable churches.

Studies by Wolf and Sipe from the early 1990s suggest that the percentage of priests in the Catholic Church who admitted to being gay or were in homosexual relationships was well above the national average for the country.

Available figures for homosexual priests in the United States range from 15–58%.

Another report suggested that from the mid-1980s onwards, Catholic priests in the US were dying from AIDS-related illnesses at a rate four times higher than that of the general population, with most of the cases contracted through gay sex, and the cause often concealed on their death certificates.

Strangely, it's this same church, which cannot control the sin of homosexuality, dictating to the rest of the world to accept monogamy as the only form of marriage.

While they claim it out of the need for equality that made them enforce monogamy, they did not use this same logic to allow female priesthood.

."In Holland, same-sex marriage was introduced in 2001, three-way relationships were given legal recognition through a "cohabitation agreement" in 2005." It suggests a married man can have a gay partner as well. Or a married woman can have a lesbian partner as well.

However, this same arrangement, is being refused for polygamy. Polygamy is an active component of Christianity.

Leviticus 18:18 warn men not to marry two sisters. God did not say marry one. He simply said the additional wife must not be your current wife sibling.

In exodus 21:10, God again clearly indicated, that additional wife must not deprive the current wife of her rights to her needs.

Moses, the mouthpiece of God's laws had more than a wife. When his sister, Miriam, spoke against his taking of an extra wife from Ethiopia, God punished her.

God himself gave wives of Saul to David. A God against polygamy, will not have done this.

A man wealthy enough to have more than a wife, must in no way be deprived of this.

God expects his children to multiply, not decrease. Jeremiah 29:6. It is a responsibility for Christians, who can have more wives to do so.

Children are the main determination of increase in any faith. Deuteronomy 1:11 tells us God's Blessing is in numbers of children.

Psalm 127 :3- 5, tells us men with many children will never be put to shame. Unfortunately, our focus is no more children but money gathering. It is only children THAT the Good Book described as being heritage from God. Not earthly properties.

The monogamy experiment has failed. We have more divorce rate than any time in human history. Marriage has become like a presidential term. We replace our partners, far often than our vehicles.

The western world, now practicing serial monogamy. With divorce rates hovering around 70%, it therefore not surprising, that the young men are refusing to marry, and majority of women over 35 years are either unmarried or divorce.

The European union survey claim in 2016, 43% of all births were from unmarried persons.

Less than 2 years after, it is over 52% They has also been a massive reduction in child birth. Monogamy is becoming a disincentive for men, who now feel marriage only traps them to take away their wealth.

Meanwhile, women in marriageable and child bearing age are not getting suitors.

No wonder over 500 churches have been closed in UK alone over the past 8 years.

Christian polygamy is not some form of deviant marriage. Everything that pertains to a Biblical monogamous husband pertains to a polygynous husband. Culturally, we have problems with polygyny because we fail to understand what is acceptable to God in marriage as revealed in His Word.

The corrupt, Roman Catholic Church has influenced our thinking about marriage. In turn the Roman Catholic Church was and still is influenced by pagan practices as well as ungodly doctrines from its early history.

In great periods of its history, the RCC taught that marriage was altogether sinful. They have bantered this back and forth for centuries. Still today, their priests and nuns are not allowed to marry and we see the results of such a fraudulent doctrine.

One of the biggest residual issues from the RCC is our concept of “Romance”. This carries the image of marital love where the man is the center of the woman’s world and the woman is the center of the man’s world.

Our culture has taken this concept to heart and built a huge group of industries around it. Still, men and women find that it is impossible to live up to the images that are built around it.

They usually conclude that, “they lived happily ever after”, requires more work than it does magic. No man or woman is able to bring satisfaction to the soul of the other.

That task is reserved for God, for only He is capable of meeting our deep-set needs. Spouses are surely to be loved and treasured, but we are not to expect them to be our source of happiness, that we find primarily in our Lord. This relates to monogamous marriages as well as polygamous marriages. Christian polygamy is one man having several marriages, plain and simple, nothing else is unique to it.

Christian polygamy is not a place for women to be involved in same-sex relations under the umbrella of the husband’s identity. Let me say again, Christian polygamy is not about any form of deviancy. It is normal marriage, multiplied.

The developing relationship between wives of a polygynous husband may or may not be the same in each family. The relationship that most often develops is that of close sisters or best friends.

The ladies are better able to develop their own interests and follow dreams that are compatible to married life because more women share domestic efforts and they do not have to devote themselves to their husband as intensely as a lone wife finds necessary.

Contrary to popular opinion, women benefit more from polygyny than do the men. Christian polygamy is based on a Biblical structure that promotes security for the family. In our modern world, marriage and family is based upon a philosophy that has proven to be destructive to families and society as a whole. That structure is identified as being matriarchal and is the result of the militant feminist movement. As a result of this pattern, the traditional family is rapidly facing extinction (a goal of feminism).

The number of people marrying is in rapid decline, divorce is consistently high and growing, with the majority of children being born to and raised in single parent homes, most of which are the Moms. This places a greater burden on women and is contrary to the fallacious dreams touted by the militant feminists, “You can have it all”.

Attempts to make polygamy looks ugly will not work. Pastors try to argue that polygamous relations always ends in violence, etc.

High divorce rates, which leads to the stepmom syndrome, have more negative effects on children than polygamy.

Also, violence is in all marriage systems, not just polygamy. Cain killed Abel, Jacob run from Esau.

It is only Christianity, that we will subdue God’s rules for that of a Pope.