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Opinions of Sunday, 22 September 2013

Columnist: Akwah, Nana

Politics, Spirituality How It Affects People And Governance

We should understand that either religion or spirituality and politics affects humans. A politics lacking spirituality is grossly polluted with corruption, cronyism and sycophancy. It produces and creates an unethical atmosphere of schemed situations of circumstances against the people. All these are due to if one does not recognize the individual or universal spirit, there is no reason for a person to be ethical.
Politics without ethics and human values would result in untrustworthiness, crime and corruption.
The goal of politics is to bring good governance and increase material, emotional and physical well-being and comfort of people. At the same time, the purpose of spirituality is to raise and encourage morality and human values. Politics and spirituality are inseparable bed-fellows and they need to go hand in hand.
For good governance to produce the desired results, spirituality is necessary and essential. Only spirituality can provide, bring about the desire commitment, care and confidence required for good governance. People with Spiritual values live such manifestations, as these qualities are required absolutely and very essential for those in governance.
A leader has to be a someone who sees everyone as being equal; someone, who transports, transmits and go along with the Truth; someone, who is transparent in all his actions and deeds; someone who is broad-minded and a visionary; and above all an embodiment of love and compassion. Also should be a person who abounds with empathy.
It is a common knowledge that, religion has been the source and cause of many wars on this planet. However, religion and spirituality on the other hand have survived, only, for the reason of its patronage of and by the state.
Whenever a society is seen as chaotic and lacks spiritual values it becomes apparently difficult to govern. Similarly it is also difficult for spirituality to survive if there is no official patronage.
People who possess a degree Spirituality are honest and committed, as it is a necessary tool to create a crime-free society. State patronage makes spirituality spread quicker to all sections of society.
While many wars are fought or had been fought in the name of religion, spirituality has given courage, confidence and commitment to people even in the toughest of times.
Many saints, prophets, and others have been victimized due to lack of political patronage. For example, many believers of varied religious beliefs were persecuted by the state. This affected the morale of society and resulted in bad governance.
It can be argued that 'Religion' has created conflict, but irreligious societies have created worse chaos and corruption in human history. Did not millions suffer in Russia, China and Cambodia in the name of freeing society of religious beliefs?

Today, both religion and politics need reform.
Religion has to become more spiritual to allow freedom of worship and broader to encompass all the wisdom in the world and also politicians have to become more righteous and spiritual to have greater discernment.
When spirituality and politics fails to coexist, then you have corrupt politicians and pseudo-religious leaders.
Spirituality is deeply ingrained in Ghana's political settings; the present day religious kingpins are more of 'mafia' types. For most, are clothed in turpitude to associate with religion and more so being spiritual. In the times gone by, religion have guided and counseled rulers and in turn rulers have supported religious and spiritual leaders.
These present day religious leaders do not appealed to people across the board because of their spiritual approach depravity. Spirituality brought freedom to the State Ghana in the past. The advent of both Christianity and Islam did bring about spirituality and gave a secular ethos to our world of politics and spirituality.
Now as we progress as people, the need of the hour should be our ability to provide a prejudice-free political system. And also in a situation where vilification and demonization of people is relegated! A situation that harmonizes coexistence.
Furthermore consensus can emerge only, when politicians learn to drop prejudices toward religion, social group and gender.
Also to be able to drop prejudices, politicians need to broaden their sense of belongingness. This can occur only when they are free from constant worry and gain an understanding of spirituality with its accompanying importance and meaning.
In concluding we must all acknowledge that the import of “Politics” is about caring for people primarily, and providing for their welfare! Whilst “Spirituality” gives you a broader vision of life, instructing in all that it share, care and nurture each other selflessly and with self-control, as its ultimate purpose.