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Opinions of Friday, 22 February 2013

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

Politics In Ghana Is Plagued By Many Ills-Part 2

Ghanaians woke up on Thursday February 7th 2013 only to read a banner headline on the front page of the “Daily Graphic” – Ghana’s biggest national newspaper with the heading - INCREDIBLE!

Most educated Ghanaians including this writer rushed to buy a copy of the Daily Graphic just to read and see that incredible story.

After reading the story. It turned out that the source of the story was traced to the Auditor General’s report of 2011, which revealed that some civil servants are to pay car loans between 200 years and 575 years in Ghana. Jesus Christ: Apart from Japan and some few western countries, which African country and for that matter Ghana in particular can a man cross even 100years life span, let alone 150years or 200years.

I now know the reason why Ex-Prez. Kufour told Ghanaians that corruption started from the days of Adam, and so if there was corruption in his NPP government from 2001 to 2008, he could DO NOTHING ABOUT IT and upon leaving office in 2009, he awarded himself with expensive gold medals and built a huge expensive palace at Peduase in line with the motto of the NPP which is – each one for himself and God for the chosen few in the Asante/Akyem NPP- a party whose leaders and entire members does not give a damn if millions of Ghanaians go to bed hungry since only they (NPP members) alone would always enjoy the wealth that belong to the whole country that should always be distributed equitably.


Corruption has been and is still in its worst from in the body politic since Ghana’s independence in 1957 to date 2013. It was only the June 4 Uprising and the 31st December Revolutions that uprooted corruption in Ghana since 1982-1992, because corruption was 1% in Ghana between 1982-1989 and that was the revolutionary era – as a cadre I am proud to have been part of that process because the PNDC swept the Ghana Education Service clean of corruption in 1985 where scores of GES Directors, Heads of Secondary schools, Bursars and other officers were exposed and arrested and prosecuted at the Public Tribunals and this explains the main reason why the ELITE in Ghana hate the NDC as a political party. This is also the reason why such corrupt characters always FEEL INSECURE whenever the NDC is in power and governing our country, Ghana, Thousands go to bed hungry while few academic undesirables are milking the nation dry. I suggest that the NDC government should sent a bill to Parliament stating that Every ruling government that loses general elections in Ghana in future MUST GO WITH ALL THE CIVIL SERVANTS, TECHNOCRATS and HEADS OF THE SECURITY SERVICES as contained in the American Constitution. If that is done, there will be patriotism, accountability and discipline in the Civil Service in Ghana otherwise, we are all dead and have become walking skeletons in this country indirectly.
How on earth can some government employees be required to repay their vehicle loans for a period between 200 and 575years. Those employees must be removed before they turn the civil service into a Corruption Ridden Organisation.
Governments come and go, be it civilian or military regime but the civil servants remain permanently and some civil servants use their positions to engage in official armed robbery, such people are worse than Armed Robbers .
The only difference is that they don’t hold guns and physically shoot to kill people in the country, but they use their pens to rob the nation daily, thereby milking the nation dry. Such people are nothing but intellectual Armed Robbers who must be swept away from the civil service. The nation’s administrators are also to blame for granting car loans to some employees for more than 6 times, what sort of cars are they buying? The Auditor General must clarify it, for these employees might have been putting up mansions instead of vehicles because they all believe that the world would soon come to an end and they have to behave incongruously since they have stayed in the civil service for several years and known that the system is very weak. Money wasted through corruption or inefficient administration makes you, the citizen very poor. Official inefficiency and bad administration systems are greatly responsible for much of the Financial LOSS TO The State. Public Sector wages consume 70% of the national revenue and yet we have low productivity since public service delivery is very poor e.g. our health delivery system in Ghana. Our country’s natural resources like timber in our green forests which are fast depleting, our gold resources, diamonds, bauxite, clinker, cocoa and lately oil flowing daily in this country can even make Ghana a FIRST WOLRD COUNTRTY and not a MIDDLE INCOME country if INEFFICENCY and BAD, not even BAD but WORSE ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEMS in the Civil SERVICE which is UNTOUCHABLE by governments is not removed. There are thousands of UNEMPLOYED GRADUATES spread throughout the country looking for employment and yet could not be employed, yet others are gainfully employed in the civil service and the greedy nation wreckers among them are milking the country dry with impunity. They must be axed before they cripple the nation.
We all feed good when we attack the NDC or NPP administration for Judgment Debts and financial loses to the state, but the greater attack must be directed at the civil service. I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.