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Opinions of Sunday, 20 February 2011

Columnist: The Emperor

Political parties: why are there so many of them?

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I was raised up an Anglican! As customary, Sunday mornings were reserved for worship. My auntie, who was a fervent practitioner of the Faith, believed that Christ held the key to man’s salvation. So, as children, we were taught to love Jesus Christ with all of our beings. Most importantly, we were taught to be Christ-like in our actions. To tell the truth, I loved going to church on Sunday mornings. It meant that I could put on my nicest attire! Apart from its religious centeredness, the church was like a family gathering. People came, ate and sang together. It was sheer fun! In fact, the brotherhood and sisterhood--present amongst the believers, was admirable. Yes, their love for one another equally enviable. I was a curious child with so many unanswered questions! Some of the questions, when I asked them, were often met with silence. Folks would simply stir at me in disbelief and awe. I meant no offense! I just wanted to know.

One day, I asked my auntie; why are there so many churches? “Why not one church for all Christians?” “I mean, look at the Muslims.” “They have one religion called Islam,” I told her. “Keame, we are not Muslims,” she said. ”We are Christians.” “Muslims believe in Allah!” “We, on the other hand, believe in God.” “But, isn’t God the same as Allah?” I asked her. “No,” she replied. “Allah came from the east, and God came from the west.” “There’s a difference between east and west,” she said. “Keame, have you ever seen a Muslim pray before?” “No,” I replied. “Well, a Muslim prays facing east.” “Is this why the Muslims are united?” I asked her. “What do you mean?“ she inquired. “There’s no unity amongst Christians, or is there?” I counter-asked. “Perhaps, Allah is a unifier.” ”Hence, the unity amongst Muslims,” I said. “Are you saying that God isn’t a unifier?” my auntie asked, obviously irritated. “Well, when was the last time a Jehovah Witness visited our church?” This time, I was offered no reply!

For a woman not highly educated, my auntie did her uttermost best by me. Sometimes, some of my questions caught her off guard. Luckily, others were fully answered to the brim. All in all, she never discouraged me from searching. Perhaps, she knew that I would find the answers to the questions someday. Bless her heart! Currently, I am practicing no religion. I consider myself a traditionalist! But it’s not a religion, or is it? Having said this, Islam would always be in my heart. I prefer Islam to Christianity! Actually, I arrived at this conclusion, when I discovered that Christianity is a White man’s religion. For those of you who don’t know, Christianity was fashioned after the nature of the White man. And, what exactly is the nature of the White man? Well, the nature of the White man is to divide. He segregates! The White man introduced segregation, when he went to North America. He did the same in South Africa. In Australia, the aboriginals weren’t spared!

Upon his arrival on the shores of Africa, the Americas and Australia, the White man could’ve integrated with the indigenous inhabitants on these continents, but no. That would’ve gone against his nature, isn’t it? So, what did he do? He chose segregation to integration! He then proceeded to systematically erase their history, their past. Thus, leaving their off-springs to wander in ignorance. Totally deprived of the knowledge of themselves, even up till now. For instance, look at us Black people. A people under hypnosis! A people interrupted! A lost people! The Chinese and the Arabs were lucky. The White man didn’t try to conquer them! See, without division, the White man cannot conquer, let alone rule anyone. It’s that simple! In fact, wherever the White man goes, he first seeks to divide. He first seeks to confuse, then conquer to rule! Christianity bears the mark of the White man. Hence, its inability to unite. Hence, the division amongst its practitioners! In Ghana, we are foolishly entertaining the notion of multipartyism. Different political parties with different names, just like Christianity. Division!

We are busy practicing a voting system--which the White man fashioned after his divisive nature and thrust upon us. A system designed to keep a country divided. A system designed to keep us divided. Now, is this the true definition of democracy? No, I don’t think so! Remember, wherever there’s true democracy--there’s truth, equality and justice for all, not for some or a few. Wherever there’s true democracy, there’s unity and understanding, not confusion. Better yet, wherever there’s true democracy, there’s equal distribution of wealth! Multipartyism isn’t democracy! It cannot be democracy because it isn’t democratic. Multipartyism is separatism! Apartheid! It’s us against them! One political party against the other! Democracy, on the other hand, is us. Each and everyone of us. The people! So, tell me; how could multipartyism be synonymous to democracy, when the two aren’t closely related? Fellow Ghanaians, we’ve been deceived. Yes, we have been lied to! So, let’s come together. Single-partyism is the proper way forward! It’s the natural way! It’s the Black man’s way!

Welcome 2 the age of Consciousness!

Source: The Emperor

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