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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Columnist: Joseph Dantani Ali And Richard Fosu

Political Hypocricy

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Every association, organization, group or human relationship has principles, rules regulations upon which it rest. In the same vane states rest on certain pillars which are pivotal to its running. One of these inextricably states linked pillars are institutions. Without strong institution the destiny of any state is shrouded in uncertainty, danger and capriciousness. Obama echoed the same sentiments on his visit to Ghana in 2009. When the will of men rule, anarchy becomes the order of the day and when anarchy become the order of the day, society become hopelessly disorganized, retrogressive and unable to develop. When strong institution rules justice, fairness, orderliness and development become inevitable because the institution has a character of impersonality. Aristotle positedthat no matter how good a man will be he may not be as good as a good law.

Recently the Attorney General and minister for justice have not been spared by the pro NDC news papers for not prosecuting erstwhile NPP ministers they perceived to have embezzled millions of cedi.

Among the myriad of accusations against her is that, she is slow in prosecuting, they claim she is not experienced and she is in bed with NPP.

Clearly the question that comes into mind is, weather the attorney general should be loyal to the state or tothe party? should institutions of state be loyal to political parties and their cronies?. Anyway, similar sentiments where expressed when the New Patriotic Party was in power.

The NDC came to Power, on thecampaign to restore dignity into state institutions and allow bureaucrats to work. They clearly stated that they the courtswould be given the free hands to work, and restore justice into the law courts. Then candidate Mills promised he will not pursue the policy of vengeance but vengeance is onto the Lord.

Againsome supporters of the party cried out loud against trials of some of their functionaries and organize grass root supporters to the courts to protest against such trials.Ghanaians did listen to the cries of the NDC and subsequently voted them into power and if today the chairs have changed and they are now insisting that thegovernment is slow and need to fast track trials against political opponents then God save us from this hypocrisy.

These agitations are coming from people who should have full understanding of how the criminal justice work, knowing very well that the police is in charge of investigations, and the attorney general is responsible for prosecution. Another major concern is, it is a known fact that the attorney generals department is poorly resourced to carried out some of its mandate.

Clearly being cognizant of these facts some people are out to create mischief and incite party foot soldiers against the Attorney General for their own parochial interest. For the editors of those news papers, they should be aware that Ghanaians will judge the government on their ability to have access to quality drinking water, the provision of schools, solutions to the SHSpolicy, energy, expansion in infrastructure, job creation, living wages and many other promises but not the number of political opponents being prosecuted.

It is a well known fact that the current Attorney General is a woman of international repute after serving the commonwealth legal division for close to eight years, worked at the generals department for several years, taught at the law school, president of FIDA, and a founding member of AWLA, and working under a law professor understands knows what she is about and now needs the cooperation from Ghanaians to strengthened the ministry either than pursuing the policy of vengeance.

BY Joseph Dantani Ali And Richard Fosu UNIVERSITY OF GHANA.

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