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Opinions of Thursday, 4 June 2015

Columnist: Nkunim, Yaw

Policy harmonization: CPP keys to African unity

The cpp independence revolution has been a great success in the first phase. With the exception of Western Sahara, the African nation is politically free.

This political freedom is not an end in itself. It is the foundation for economic freedom, the second and last phase of independence. African unity is the major imperative for economic freedom. A united force is a guarantee for success.

Africa must be bonded with a common nationalist mind. This will naturally manifest in a common thread of interaction. Subsequently, there will be fluidity in movement of people, goods and services across the Black World. Integration leads to generation of economic activities. The key catalyst in this regard is policy harmonization. Policy harmonization therefore, is what must preoccupy the African Union.

Africa must come to terms with this principle of economic hegemony. The current lethargic syndrome of the African Union is unacceptable. It has been created by both the general disinterested attitude and lack of inspirational leadership. Immediate steps must be taken by all to reactivate the African Unity program. Leadership of Africa must be compelled to pursue this unity agenda as an economic policy.

Across the globe, countries have not developed in isolation. Continental Asia, Europe, North and South America loudly drums home this fact. It is only Africa that various countries pursue development programs in isolation. It is therefore a scientific result that Africa is the most challenged region, though naturally richest in the world. This paradox can only be positively dissolved with unity.

Disunity makes us easy prey for the world to exploit us. Lions may be naturally strong, but they hunt successfully with the primary strategy of prey isolation. Be it a giraffe, deer, antelope or buffalo, the cardinal principle is to first isolate the target from the flock. This has been the borrowed strategy of the world in preying Africa for centuries and millennia. United we stand, divided we fall! Ideology of Pan Africanism is more critically urgent than ever before.

A major setback to our economic progress for quite a while has been the national currency, the cedi. The major backbone of currencies worldwide is its demand coupled with the commodities backing it. There has been clear signs of weakness of the cedi right from independence. Even today, demand for the cedi does not exceed thirty million people. Secondly, we do not as of now control the major commodities of our economy, gold and cocoa. Our isolated economy can never be strong enough.

Strong economies like individual European countries are all forging together, concretizing in the Euro. China is a continental country. America, with all its might, still seeks partnership with Europe through NATO.

Asian tigers are bonding strong, so is South America. The major strength of the British Pound is the fact that the monarch is the head of state of other countries including Canada and Australia. The BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are on strong bonding agenda.

Africa must step up the game to play the hegemony ball. We must negotiate a demand that all our bought commodities must be paid for in cedis, instead of the foreign currencies. This will create great demand for the cedi. Better still, in the spirit of Pan Africanism, we can opt to sacrifice the cedi for the Brazilian Real. Brazil is the largest Black populated country ahead of Nigeria. We currently trade heavy with Brazil in construction. These are some of the creative ways to circumvent the machinated difficulties towards a common currency for the sub region and Africa generally.

African masses must put on economic caps to make an imperative demand from the political system to synchronize policies. Economics is simply about qualitative numbers. History has taught us more than enough bitter lessons of isolation. Our fragmented past must be buried for a united great future. Isolation in the 21st century is a deadly cost, far more deathly than the previous era. We must integrate now!

Great pillars like Nyerere of Tanzania admitted way too late of the grave mistake in refusing the CPP call for continental unity. CPP still holds the ideology of Pan Africanism and subsequent policy of African Unity as a cardinal principle. What Africa needs most urgently is unity. We must unite! Forward Ever! Nkunim woho mayen!! God bless Africa!!!