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Opinions of Monday, 23 November 2015

Columnist: Atta-Boakye, Ken

Platform for Change.

The phrase “leadership crisis” has become cliché in Ghana. Talk shows, media, common folks, and everyone places the downfall of Ghana on a lack of leadership. Interestingly enough, that begs the question: if we know this, what solutions are we putting in place to fix this? This battle must be met head on. I believe that if we put all of our resources together at the root level, the change we seek and yearn for will be achieved.

Our children are our most valuable asset as they are the present and the future. Unfortunately, present and past leadership have failed us and our future (along with our present) is bleak at best. Education will give us the opportunity to reverse this cycle. When we are able to give our kids in the JSS and SSS character and civic education, it will be ingrained in their palms. People who embraced the Scripture Union in their youth have become responsible leaders as Pastors, Church Elders, community activists and effective public servants.

To make this a reality, it will need a national awareness along with an effective policy on strategy. To this end, Campaign to Promote Civic Education in Ghana (CPCE) in the schools is in the pipeline. Hiawu-Besease citizens in North America have already taken this route. The instructional books prepared for this purpose have built in activities and examples that can lead to the change desired. The task is enormous indeed. We need civic leaders and teachers who will engage the students after hours. This has to be our call, mandate and purpose!

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