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Opinions of Thursday, 14 April 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Plastic Surgery For Breast And Buttocks Enharsement


From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Some people call it FOFO, NUFU, whiles the ace Ivorian musician Freddy Meiway describes it as Ms. Lolo. We may have different names to call it but those sensitive balls on the chest of our respectful ladies that the OYIBO man called breast needs to be taken care of very well.

Freddy Meiway, during a show in Ghana recently made it clear that he enjoy breast which surprised many but if you watch his clip Ms. Lolo you could tell that he was not telling lies as female dancers tossed up and down of their heavy breast in camera.

Those sensitive round balls on the chest of our mothers or female sex partners come with sizes as some are small with others very big weighing heavily on their chest. There are ladies who get wary about the size of their breast whiles others also do not mind at all.

Research has shown that so many women have the desire to have a perfect body and to fulfill this desire they use plastic surgery as a way to change, and in their mind, better, what God has given them.

Plastic surgery has been found out to be very risky, especially because a lot of women can not afford to have it done to reshape their large breast into smaller ones by qualified surgeons.

Half of the plastic surgery results are fake. There is a reason for a plastic surgery especially reconstructive plastic surgery but one can not imagine seeing many beautiful women putting themselves in danger and risking the outcome because of vanity, [breast enlargement or reduction]. Come with me as I show you a list of people who were dying to be beautiful through plastic surgery be it breast enlargement, reduction of butt enlargement or reduction but met their untimely death or are seriously suffering from chronic diseases they picked after the plastic surgery.


Just this year, Claudia Seye Aderomi, 20 years old woman from London who was visiting the U.S. died on February 8, after she has paid over 1,000 dollars for a buttocks enhancement procedure that usually costs around 4,250 dollars. The procedure took place in a Philadelphia Hotel room and involved a silicon injection.

She died when the silicon filled her lungs and caused a total embolism. A local Pennsylvania musician known as “Black Madam” is being sort for questioning.


In December last year, this 35 years old woman died of cardiac arrest after having liposuction and a buttocks enhancement at Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetic.

Institute in Southern Florida. The cause of her death was still being investigated.


This 24 years old singer died in November last year from circulatory and respiratory failure after undergoing facial bone grinding surgery which there are numerous speculations about the actual cause of her death.

Two years ago, SOLANGE MAGNANO, 37 years old mother of seven year old twins and beauty queen from South America died of a pulmonary embolism linked to her recent gluteus plastic or buttocks lift. The same year, ROHIE KAH-ORUKOTOH, 37 years old mother of three and a registered nurse had liposuction done at a Florida facility and after the procedure she experienced seizure and was pronounced brain dead.

MARITESS LOPEX. In 2008 this woman went in for a “mommy makeover “which included a breast lift and augmentation liposuction and a tummy tuck. An hour after the procedure in Virginia she experienced dizziness and fever and died of aspiration pneumonia.

Could you believe that in 2007 DONDA WEST, the 58 year old mother of hip-hop artist Kayne West underwent a tummy tuck and breast reduction and died the next day of a heart attack? The Corona indicated that the plastic surgery was not the cause but the surgeon has a long history of medical malpractice suits.

It was the same year OLGA AROYO, 41 year old police officer from New Jersey underwent an illegal procedure at a private home with an unlicensed person and Olga died during the procedure from injection of Silicon and lido caine.

Way back in 2005, KATHLEEN KELLY CREGAN, 42 year old resident of Ireland travelled to the U.S. to get a face lift to surprise her husband. She never returned home having died of cardiac arrest, immediately after the procedure.

In 2004 OLIVIA GOLDSMITH, 54 year old was being prepared to undergo a face lift from a New York surgeon when she died of a cardiac arrest. The autopsy stated that she had four times the lethal amount of lidocaine in her system. Last but not the least on the list to have died out of plastic surgery was JULIE RUBENZER in 2003 where this 38 year old Wisconsin woman underwent breast augmentation surgery in Florida but never woke up from surgery as she died three months later.

It is worrying how beautiful women are rushing to surgeons to undergo breast augmentation or buttocks enhancement to look prettier as they say only to die later. Some of us Ghanaians resident in North America and are much aware of how plastic surgery results in many deaths of women can not stop it but only educate those in Ghana to abstain from it period.

“Can you imagine leaving your husband or children with the legacy of saying mummy died of breast enhancement or buttocks enhancement?” No because its sounds STUPID. Just STUPID because our Ghanaian women who are already pretty do not need plastic surgery to enlarge or reduce their breast and buttocks to look pretty. PERIOD.