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Opinions of Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Columnist: Adampah, Marcus Garvin

Petition to Prez Mills on Judgement Debts.


His Excellency, having followed closely the ensuing debate on the payment of judgement
debts in recent times and the interesting developments thereof, we, the members of the
Team of Popular Youth for the National Democratic Congress (TOPY) present to you on this
day a petition to declare our support for your decision to have the Economic and Organised
Crime Office (EOCO) investigate all matters relating to the circumstances that led to Ghana
losing whooping sums of money to individuals and companies. Your move to bring to book
anyone found culpable so as to inject sanity into public office practices and make corruption
an expensive enterprise to engage in is highly recommended.

As we are all aware, the judgement debts that have caused Ghana to lose a stupendous
amount of money in recent times are totally avoidable. We have been told that a total sum
of over GHS600m has been paid to individuals and companies as judgement debts so far by
the NDC government. Whilst it is accepted that all serious businesses and institutions take
vicarious liabilities for losses caused by the actions and/or inactions of their employees,
these institutions nonetheless drag the employees who had been entrusted with the duty of
care to disciplinary hearings where it is established whether there were no carelessness,
recklessness or criminal intent in these acts or omissions for the appropriate sanctions to be
given to serve as a deterrent to others and to prevent future losses. In the case of the
Ghanaian government however, most of these offenses have gone unpunished and we
believe that criminals have therefore found it another decoy to cleverly misappropriate state
funds to individuals and companies and later go to those individuals and companies for their
share( ‘kick backs’) for masterminding the looting.
Mr. President, whilst we wait with keen interest the report from the EOCO investigations, we
urge you to ignore the ranting and tantrums being thrown by especially the NPP and their
political groups who know they have questions to answer, and carry out without fear or
favour your duty as a president who is vested with the powers of the state and the prudent
management of the resources of our dear nation Ghana.
Though the NPP as a party and their members would always want to trumpet their
democratic ideals and their respect for the rule of law in public shows and debates, what
came as a shock to us and Ghanaians in general was their inability to uphold their so called
belief in the rule of law high when they have wantonly displayed disdain and disrespect to a
constitutional body like the Economic and Organised Crime Office(EOCO) by taking a
collective decision to turn down their invitation to assist in on-going investigation with a
simple political chicanery that EOCO is an executive arm of government and hence they
sense unfairness and bias. We condemn their (NPP) stance in no uncertain terms.
His Excellency, during the historic visit of President Obama to Ghana in 2009, he reiterated
the fact that Africa and for that matter Ghana ‘‘doesn't need strongmen, it needs strong institutions’’. This is what your attitude towards justice has demonstrated since you assumed
office some three years ago. There is therefore no doubt in our minds about EOCO’s ability
to find the facts in these matters since you have always allowed these institutions of state
the independence and the free hands they need to operate. So, as we wait for the outcome
of this investigation, we would like to appeal to you that as soon as the report is presented
to you, you should take every urgent legal step possible to quickly reclaim these monies back
to the state.
His Excellency, we are sad and very much concerned about these issues because we are
aware of the difficulty the youths of this country are going through to find jobs to earn a
living and the burden you carry with the rising wage bills from the implementation of the
single spine salary structure and its concomitant problems. As our housing needs and the
infrastructure gap widen, everybody agrees that if these monies were properly channelled
into the right areas of the economy and the resultant projects properly managed, our
fortunes would have turned round in a matter of a year or two. And in view of the recent oil
find, we are worried that if nothing is done to deter the nation looters then we have no
future. We believe that it is for the need to set the right framework for the fair and equitable
distribution of our national resources that God has chosen an incorruptible, humble and God
fearing person like you to lead our dear nation at this time of our history when we have
found oil. And standing on the principles of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, PROBITY and
ACCOUNTABILITY by the NDC, we believe that our appeal is just a re-affirmation of what is
already in your nature to do; thus you will give it the needed consideration.
Mr. President, whilst undoubtedly, Ghanaians will massively support the renewal of your
mandate come December this year, we in TOPY urge you to put a final seal on your
credentials which is already acclaimed by friends and foes alike regarding your integrity, your
honesty and your belief in the rule of law and justice .
We, members of the Team of Popular youth who played major roles in your election in 2008
and 2010 in Sunyani would like to assure you once again of our unflinching supports in all
the regions of Ghana. We will continue to work hard for the NDC and the youths of our dear
nation. May God continue to grant you good health, intelligence, wisdom and humility to
discharge your duties. Thank you.
Long Live Ghana!
Long Live the President H.E J.E.A Mills!!
Long Live TOPY!!!
Marcus Garvin Adampah
(TOPY Leader)