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Opinions of Sunday, 10 January 2016

Columnist: Daily Guide

Perverts on rampage

There are so many perverts in the country today that kids have never been so vulnerable. Hardly a day elapses without the abnormal activities of crazy paedophiles making the headlines. Some of the criminalities are so outrageous that we are compelled to ask what has gone amiss with our societal morals, since after all no ethnic grouping accepts such aberrations in our part of the world.

Why would a father defile his own daughter and continue to live among people without being ostracised by being thrown into prison after due process in a court of competent jurisdiction?

Defilements are highly despised in our traditional communities; and those who were found guilty of engaging in them stood the risk of banishment in pre-colonial society. In fact, they were unheard of, with sexual crime being the only aberrations.

We can no longer dismiss the increasing spate of defilement as the result of some warped mental conditions and then fold our arms.

When a carpenter or a mason pounces on a minor, although inappropriate, it can pass for an ordinary crime; not so however when a father does that to his underage daughter. Both, we must stress, are serious crimes not to be acceptable in society.

We have a society peopled by many deranged persons, some of whom can do anything to satisfy their paedophilic traits and still feel that they have done nothing wrong.

The scriptures are awash with stories about how God unleashed his wrath on people who went astray by their inappropriate actions, as evidenced in Sodom and Gomorrah among others.

. Parents should naturally get apprehensive about the safety of their female kids when especially they are sent on errands.

So bad is the situation that even when children are entrusted to the care of teachers, parents must still want to find out whether their children are really safe and nowhere near perverts.

Perverts cannot be differentiated by the construction of their visages from normal persons morally upright. In one of the latest reports, a child has become almost paralysed after a nasty experience at the hands of a paedophile.

All of us must be as responsible as to be observant about what goes on in our neighbourhoods and our homes as to detect such negative traits and so take the necessary remedial action.

In Tamale a teacher was arrested recently and arraigned after impregnating a primary school girl and taking her to a facility to have the pregnancy terminated. The procedure not being successful, the small girl began bleeding at home after being offered GH¢5 by the paedophile. But for the observation of the father who quickly took her for an examination and treatment, a different scenario would have been told.

The teacher upon his arrest, it was discovered, had defiled nine other kids but had always been protected by the authorities. We are terribly disappointed in those who covered the suspect until his cup was full and he was arrested and arraigned.

It beats imagination why some persons in our communities would like to shield such perverts, not wanting to cooperate with law enforcement agents for their arrest and prosecution.