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Opinions of Monday, 28 November 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Personal request to owner of the Despite Group of Companies

Mr. Osei Kwame Despite Mr. Osei Kwame Despite

Personal Request to Mr. Osei Kwame Despite, Owner of the Despite Group of Companies

Dear Mr. Osei,

I would by this publication make a great request to you which I hope you will happily give it a thoughtful consideration.

We seem to share and aspire to attain the same nationalistic objectives to some extent. I do very much appreciate your farsightedness, fortitude and endurance to creating jobs for Ghanaians through the many companies you have set up and continue to set up.

One thing that has endeared you to me most is your positive initiative taken to unite all Ghanaians through one spoken national language, thus, the Twi language. I had many years back doted on same aspiration and subsequently written to some then well-placed persons about it but for fear of public castigations and accusations of seeking to project one tribe as superior to the others, they failed to implement that policy. Simply put, they could not have the political clout to see the essence of, and the long term benefits to the nation and the people by implementing the policy of one national language in Ghana.

However, you, a single patriot, are gradually on the path of achieving that objective through your radio and TV stations – media outlets.

I heard that when your first radio station – Peace FM, started diffusing their programmes in Twi, many were those that teased you for being an illiterate hence doing programmes in Twi. Little did those people know that you were in the process of achieving a great national objective for Ghana which in the end will rid Ghana of the known and ongoing injurious tribalism?

Your fortitude and endurance in the face of all the mockeries, have resulted in almost all the radio stations in Ghana and those Ghanaian radio stations abroad doing all their programmes in Twi. In the long run, all Ghanaians will be seen as one people with one language and a common destiny.

Being an Ashanti, Ga, Ewe, Dagomba, Brong, Northerner, etc. will all be history. Unity that brings prosperity and peace among Ghanaians will come to reign supreme thanks to Mr. Osei Kwame Despite from Wiamoase in the Ashanti region.

Now, here I go with the main reason for placing this publication out today, 25 November 2016. I had come across a YouTube video on a Chinese woman arrested for dealing in illegal arms trade in Ghana. I published an article on both Modernghana ( and Ghanaweb on 4 November 2016 citing the video.

Three days ago when I was showing my in-law the incident involving the Chinese woman, oops, the video ( had been deleted with the following message conspicuously written in the place where it was – “Chinese woman selling guns ..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by UTV Ghana”.

I am very much aware of how private companies are profit maximizers and would not let go any chance that will make them money regardless how negligible the profit may be.

However, in the interest of creating public awareness in Ghanaians of how the Chinese have descended upon Ghana with unrestricted bravado to overtly engage in activities that have far reaching adverse consequences on the people and the nation, could you please waive your copyright claim on the video to permit its free circulation and publication?

Chinese are in Ghana in their multitudes and are destroying our ecosystems through their unrestricted surface mining (galamsey). Our lands and water bodies are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate but our President and government that are the friends of the Chinese sit looking on agape while these Chinese destroy our country.

They had previously killed some Ghanaians who challenged their destructive galamseying on our lands. Some people had met their untimely deaths falling into the open galamsey pits they had left in the trails of their oftentimes illegal surface mining.

Now, a Chinese woman is selling arms probably to armed robbers in Ghana. Why should we not know this and see how we can react to it?

Please Mr. Osei, if I had my own way, I would oblige you to waive that copyright. You have done so much for Ghana and I will request you to do more by appealing to you to waive that copyright claim to permit the free view of the video.

If a Ghanaian or an African had done that in China, the person would now be only rotten bones. They would have killed him/her by their Chinese close-range firing squad.

Yours Sincerely,

Rockson Adofo